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Aalsmeer, June 20, 2016

Specially for florists; Damasque, a new development the flower industry?

Damasque will be the first true consumer brand for cut flowers in the horticultural industry. Besides being the first in developing a consumer brand, Damasque is also different because of the direct contact Damasque has with its partnering florists. Although the logistical and financial settlements still take place via the exporter / wholesaler. Orders and other questions go directly from florist to grower/importer.


Damasque currently has around 25 types of authentic fragrant garden roses in its range. The emphasis is on scent. This is deliberately chosen as a unique selling point because the characteristic scent of roses is hard to find nowadays. At the breeding process, roses are not selected on scent.

The next few weeks the first 50 Flower shops will receive Damasque roses and some promotional materials. High end florists are invited to join Damasque at

Damasque resellers

Damasque roses are only available through an exclusive network of member florists. Damasque values all their members. So Damasque offers florists exclusivity in their neighborhood, city or region. Famous florists who already joined are Menno Kroon in Amsterdam, Frederiek van Pamel in Brugge and Neill Strain in London.

The resellers must meet certain quality requirements. Detailed knowledge about the various fragrant roses and the way they are produced, from cultivation to handling and care, are a part of these requirements.  At this time the number of resellers counts around 50, primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium.


New to the floriculture industry is the direct contact with the florist. But the Damasque roses are not sold to florists directly. The deliveries and financial settlements are always carried out by a wholesaler or exporter. However, orders, questions and comments go directly to Damasque. An advantage for wholesalers and exporters is that there’s no risk incurred on the products. They just take care of the logistic and financial settlement. Moreover, wholesalers and exporters can suggest a good value proposition to their customers.

For the florist it is attractive to have direct contact with Damasque. Damasque will support ambassador florists with information about the products, a display, brochures, packaging and other promotional materials. Another benefit to a participating florist is that there are no unnecessary extra links in the supply chain. The florist is guaranteed the utmost freshest product for the best price.

With Damasque we prefer a controlled grow. “The production is limited, we simply cannot supply 500 florists by the end of next week. That is part of the charm of a traditionally grown rose from Damasque”, says Wouter de Vries, general manager of Damasque. “Damasque is truly exclusive, in products as well as the florists where you can find them. That is why we have to grow strategically and raise our production at just the right time. Our goal is to serve around 150 florists in Europe by the end of this year. For 2017 a hundred more. Together with suppliers and exporters who have the experience in a certain country or region. So everyone profits.”



For more info or highres pictures, please contact 
Arnold Wittkamp
E: [email protected]
T: +31 (0)6 55 27 56 11

Are you a florists? Then join Damasque !


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