Wedding Wednesday trend: chandeliers with flowers


…and how to make one yourself!

In this week’s Wedding Wednesday blog I wanted to share a couple of astounding chandelier designs with you. You can’t really have enough flowers, so why not go all out? These chandeliers with flowers are perfect for barn weddings, a wedding held in a marquee or even an outdoor wedding.

Chandeliers with flowers can make a great visual impact and will sure add that ‘wow!’ effect to your special day. We even found an amazing blog on how to make one yourself by Honestlywtf, which is featured below. Because, you know, why only make one for a wedding? I definitely want one hanging over my dining table!


Beautiful chandelier with flowers. Design by Gorgeous.

Design by Gorgeous


Gorgeous chandelier with flowers. Love the roses!

Soft blush tones thanks to the Juliet Roses, surrounded by lots of greenery.
By wedding planner Knot & Pop, captured by Pete Cranston.


Chandelier with flowers for a beautiful wedding day

Photo by Shannen Natasha


Gorgeous chandelier with flowers for an outside wedding. Love the cascading roses!

Perfect idea for an outside wedding. Look at the cascading roses!
Photography: Rebekah J. Murray Photography | Floral Design: Sweet Root Village


Chandelier with spring flowers. Love the colors!

Gorgeous chandeliers with flowers with a spring wedding look.
Article by Hello May.


Chandelier with roses. Perfect for a garden or fall wedding.

Amazing idea for a fall or garden wedding. Love the deep, rich coloring. This
particular one was taken at a beautiful fall wedding in Nashville, Tennessee.
Article by Chic Vintage Brides.


Stunning chandelier with light colors and pink roses.

Cheerful and bright, for an intimate wedding.
Lovely article by Notey. Floral art by The Flower Girl TX.


How to make your own chandelier with flowers!

Absolutely fun DIY article by Honestlywtf on how to make your own chandelier
with flowers. Some of the roses they used are Pink O’Hara Garden Roses,
David Austin Juliet Roses, Maria Theresia Garden Roses and Peonies;
all can be found in our assortment!


I am definitely going to try to make one myself! Have you ever made a chandelier with flowers? Or any other works with our roses you’re proud of? Share your pictures with [email protected]. I would love to feature your work on our social channels! 🙂

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