New! Garden rose shrubs at Parfum Flower Company!


In June this year we introduced, in addition to the large collection of cut roses, a wide range of blooming garden rose shrubs. These garden rose shrubs are sourced from the two famous rose breeders David Austin from England and Meilland from France.

We are really pleased that now we can deliver both the cut flower and the rose shrub to our customers. How great is it to have a garden rose in your wedding bouquet, and at the same time see it blooming in your garden? This way you can create a memory forever, adding an extra dimension to a special event.


Over the last couple of years we have become known for the David Austin roses in our assortment. These are classic, filled English garden roses that are mainly used, and very popular, in the world of weddings and events. The French roses from the Meilland collection are a little different. In shape, but especially in perfume. Generally, the scents of the French roses are more intense and stronger.

The only con is that is that the David Austin garden rose shrubs differ from the cut varieties in our assortment. The cut roses of the David Austin collection are protected, and will thus only ever be available as cut flowers. But of course, we made sure to have the best look-a-like garden rose shrubs to match our cut rose assortment. And with names as ‘Winchester Cathedral’, ‘William Shakespeare’ and ‘Constance Spry’ in our garden rose shrubs assortment, we are sure there is an extraordinairy rose for everyone!


The roses of the French breeder Meilland can be obtained in the exact same variety, both as cut rose and garden rose shrub. The names already speak to the imagination (such as ‘Yves Piaget’, ‘Princesse Charlene de Monaco’ and ‘Toulouse Lautrec’), but the roses have also shown incredible beauty and strength.

We have chosen to offer only plants that are beautifully displayed. A full rose shrub with many flowers. We have deliberately chosen to offer them each in pot size 24 at different heights (50 to 80 cm).


If there’s one thing we’ve learned working with these roses, it’s that the smell is a special sense. It creates memories much better than touch, sight or taste. The delicious smell of our roses in your bridal bouquet, and to smell that same scent in your garden or on your balcony, is for us the ultimate way to complement our cut roses assortment. If you are interested in our garden rose shrubs or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We’re happy to help! 🙂


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