New rose introductions from Tambuzi


Golden Mustard roses


New rose introductions from Tambuzi

We are sooooo happy that the Tambuzi farm in Kenya has added new varieties. And there’s more coming soon is what we hear!

Over the last one year, the Tambuzi farm has added some new and exciting varieties to their collection. These varieties are now being grown in Nanyuki and the Timau areas in Kenya, each at the altitude they do best. We sure hope you enjoy the new rose introductions from Tambuzi.

Here is a look at what is new @ Tambuzi:


We found this irresistible white garden rose that can either be in single or multi-heads. It has a pure white color and a light scent to go with.

PACO RABANNEPaco Rabanne Garden Rose

This rose has a beautiful warm color, starting with pale pink outer petals, and opening to an orange yellow-salmon centre. It also has a charming fruity scent, which grows stronger as the rose opens. Paco Rabanne is now available weekly, and you can already place your orders, though for small numbers. Tambuzi has plans to grow more for next year.

GOLDEN MUSTARDGolden Mustard roses

Even though not scented, this variety has an unusual dark-yellow color on the outside but opens to light champagne insides, and is a choice for many arrangements. It also has an amazingly long vase life. Already in small numbers available, Tambuzi has increased the production and will have more available year-round. So you will find many Golden Mustard roses as one of the new rose introductions from Tambuzi at a wholesaler near you soon!


MADEMOISELLE MEILLANDMademoiselle Meilland Garden Rose

Another of the new additions for 2017 comes from the Meilland collection. Mademoiselle Meilland is a big, pink rose with light-orange shades. It has a moderate, lemon fragrance, and opens to a large old-fashioned bloom.

IRISH HOPEIrish Hope Garden Rose

Another exciting garden rose with a glorious scent, available already in fall this year! When we found this rose, we knew we had found the next great white rose as it has a decent head size and performs really well in the vase. This variety is now available in good weekly numbers.

CONSTANCEConstance Garden Rose

We do not have to only rely on Colombia for Constance now. Constance rose is the new additional David Austin for this year at Tambuzi. It is a wonderful romantic rose, with a soft pink color, and blooms that hold up well in a cup shape. This variety is available in reasonable numbers.

MOONSTONE GEM SPRAY ROSEMoonstone - Gem Garden Roses

The Tambuzi collection is never complete without spray roses, and what a great addition this year? Moonstone Gem is also one of the new rose introductions from Tambuzi. A perfect, garden-shaped spray that has a baby-pink coloor and a light fruity scent to go with. The rose gives a florist 4 – 6 big, full buds to work with and hence a good ingredient for an arrangement. This variety was planted recently but Tambuzi tells us there already are small numbers available now, with more to come by the end of the year.


Belle Romantica Garden Rose

Also from the Meilland family, Bella Romantica is not only a very beautiful rose, but also has a strong, sweet fruity scent. It has a pale pink colour on the outside which opens to a light-champagne inside. Only a small availability for now but at Tambuzi they say they will definitely have more for next summer season.



We hope that you enjoy the new rose introductions from Tambuzi!  More info? Please contact us:
By phone: +31 (0297) 361 006
By mail: [email protected]


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