The 10 best selling scented roses

David Austin Wedding Roses are very popular and are well-represented in the top 10 of our best selling scented roses. Without a doubt it’s Juliet who steals the crown. But the best scented roses of the Meilland Jardin & Parfum Rose collection and the Premium Scented Garden Rose collection have claimed their rightful places as […]

Red rose Extase, is there only one grower left?

Andre Zekveld in his greenhouse where he grows extase roses

The only grower of the fragrant red rose Extase is just around the corner in Aalsmeer! The fragrant red rose Extase: At the Aalsmeerderweg 265 (just around the corner from our offices), you can find the only grower left with the amazing scented red rose Extase; The nursery from family Zekveld. The red rose Extase […]

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