The 5 most popular garden roses of 2016

The year 2016 has come to an end, which means a huge review of what we did last year. Obviously, it’s not all about what WE did, but as well about what YOU did. So we researched our website and social channels, trying to find the answer to a burning question: what are the most […]

15 winter wedding bouquets for your daily dose of wedding inspiration

Winter is the perfect season for having very nontraditional winter wedding bouquets. Style them as you please with berries, snowflakes, evergreen branches or even Christmas decorations! If you’re choosing a white wedding decor, your bouquet is also an opportunity to have bright hues like red or purple for extra color in your photos. Time to […]

25 bouquets with garden roses for this fall

Fall is officially on its way, so it’s time to start thinking about stunning wedding roses that match the season. With an abundance of colors, shapes and scents it’s hard not to get inspired for your wedding bouquet, whether you are making one for a customer or are walking down the aisle yourself. When we […]

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