The top 10 David Austin Wedding Roses

David Austin Wedding Roses are dedicated to creating beautiful fragrant roses to help you celebrate your wedding or important event. No flower can match the romantic appeal of a David Austin Wedding Rose. Blooms start as closed buds to reveal amazing many petalled flowers of exquisite beauty. The blooms are known for their layers and […]

Arnold’s favorite scented roses

Here at Parfum Flower Company in Aalsmeer, the heart of the worldwide floral industry, we see thousands and thousands of roses passing by everyday (We know, we have the best jobs in the world 😉 ). We can’t help but have our favorite roses. Of course, it’s hard to pick one or two, so we […]

15 wedding cakes with roses that will water your mouth.

Bridal cake inspiration with garden roses from the Parfum Flower Company

The history of the wedding cake dates back to Ancient Rome when the groom would break a loaf of bread over his bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. Today, bread crumbs aside, wedding cakes have become a staple element, and quite the treat, during wedding ceremonies and receptions. Scroll to view a few […]

25 stunning wedding bouquets with roses for a perfect wedding

Whether your wedding style tends toward classic, trendy or bohemian, these wedding bouquets will bring perfection to a stunning bride. If only you could smell these gorgeous bouquets…which all contain the most sweetly scented roses in the world! Find ideas here and get inspired by these beautiful scented roses. A perfect combination of peach, pink […]

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