The History of Mother’s Day


This has been a fascinating and fun blog to write, we’d always thought Mothers Day originated in the UK. However, it turns out the tradition of celebrating Mothers can be traced back to ancient Greek times. At this time they celebrated the goddess mothers of Rhea and Cybele during the spring. Finally, this tradition of celebrating the mother swept across Europe. And in more recent times became the Christian festival known as Mothering Sunday and worldwide known as Mother’s Day.

Mothering Sunday in the UK, 19th March 2023

Like many traditions Mothering Sunday in the UK began with a religious purpose, held on the 4th Sunday in Lent. As early as the 16th Century it was a day to honour the Virgin Mary, with families returning home and coming together in their Mother church to celebrate. During WWII, the American and Canadians celebrated Mothers Day, (a tradition established in their countries in 1908), feeling a need to give thanks whilst away fighting. We followed suit and so Mother’s Day evolved and today has pride of place on our calendar. Its been a tradition to spoil Mum on this day. Often with a stunning bouquet.

Written by Karon from Meadows and Mulberry for Sheffield City Council. Karon isn’t doing Mothering Sunday bouquets this year but works with our stunning rose collection almost every week. In the image below she has designed a beautiful bridal bouquet using Princess Miyuki (meaning First Snow) from the Princess Garden Rose collection. 

Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. 

This year it is the 14th of May 2023, places that celebrate this day are the USA, Africa, Australia, Colombia, Prague and Japan, just to name a few. And of course in Holland too. The use of cut garden roses in gifting is becoming increasingly popular. The great news is we now have a large selection of roses with a longer vase life.  Below, Shallima has used White O’hara, Cafe Latte, Red Piano and WABARA Ioli spray rose, which all have a longer vase life. 

“Dia de la Madre” in Colombia

The lovely Shallima from Lottas Floral Studio took some time out of her busy schedule to explain the celebrations in Colombia to us. Mothers Day celebrations come to Colombia known as Dia de la Madre or by direct translation, Day of the Mother. Faithfully celebrated on the second Sunday of May. 

It pays tribute to the most important being, by highlighting the womans work and her empowerment within the family nucleus. This celebration is held in the month of May when the catholic population share their devotion to the Virgin Mary. 

It is a day and month that does not go unnoticed. Being a day in which flowers, going out to restaurants or having huge family gatherings at home, prevails as the symbol of admiration and gratitude towards the mother. Gifts of flowers in reds, whites and pinks are very popular, with roses being the most sought-after flower. As they carry and symbolise the message of pure and unconditional love. 

Celebrations in Japan

 We caught up with Atsushi who will celebrate Mother’s Day in Japan this year.

Mother’s Day in Japan is called “Haha no Hi” (母の日) and is a relatively new holiday, recognized in 1949. It is customary for people to give gifts to their mothers, such as flowers, sweets, and small tokens of appreciation.

A popular tradition in Japan is to give carnations which are believed to symbolize a mother’s pure and gentle love. Pink and red carnations are the most popular colours for this occasion.

Lets hope our garden rose collection adds to this tradition, like this gorgeous arrangement below. 

Celebrations in the Netherlands!

We managed to catch up with our dear friend and floral designer Katya Hutter from Katya Hutter Flower Design, to ask her how the Dutch do it! 

“In the Netherlands, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May. It has been celebrated since 1913. In families celebrating Mother’s Day, mothers receive breakfast in bed, flowers, presents and exemption from household chores. Sometimes the younger children make small gifts and prepare rhymes for their mothers at school or daycare.

Magazines all over the country feature special articles and shops take advantage of this occasion and offer special goods for customers such as cosmetics, chocolates and especially flowers. It is a special and well-celebrated occasion in the Netherlands.

We find our customers order bespoke bouquets filled with the wonderful Parfum Flower Company rose collection. Just like this very pretty bouquet including the fragrant rose, Peony Pink.”

Celebrate in France on 4th June 2023

From Mami and the team from Jardin du I’llony in Paris. Mother’s Day in France, “Fête des Mères,” is celebrated on the last Sunday of May or the first Sunday of June.

The tradition in France is for children to make handmade cards, gifts, or flowers to give to their mothers on this day. There is no set rule and it depends on personal preference, roses or lilies are popular as well as carnations.

Belarus celebrates on the 14th of October this year

We had a quick catch-up on Instagram with the talented team from D’Fleur who operate from Belarus. Mother’s Day traditions here are the same as in the rest of the world, including gifts, flowers and cards allowing children to let their Mothers know how much they are loved. 

The team at D’Fleur came up with these pretty little postcards which include a personalised message and are then attached to gift bouquets. D’Fleur uses many of our roses for gifting throughout the year. 

The findings in this blog are all based on personal opinions and experiences so may not be entirely factually correct.

We hope you enjoy reading it. 

Be back soon! Cindy 

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