Love is in the air: the most wonderful roses for Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we all know that there are no flowers that say ”Be my Valentine” more than roses. But there are so many rose varieties to choose from! That’s why we’ve selected a couple of the most wonderful roses for Valentine’s Day this year. These roses are not only strikingly beautiful, but also have the most delicious scents in the world. If you want to have something truly unique, you need to get scented roses. Add some care and love and you’re all set for an unforgetable Valentine’s ❤️❤️❤️


Valentine's bouquet with Lady Killer rosesPremium Scented Rose Lady Killer

When you think of a classic red rose, the rose Lady Killer is what should come to mind. A striking pure red rose with velvet petals and a strong, delicious scent.

Premium Scented Rose Lady Killer







Lady Killer is a beautiful garden style rose and the ultimate symbol of love. Clearly, this rose is perfect for romantic floral work and wedding bouquets, just as in this red bouquet with Red Piano, Deep Secret and Red Sensation roses.


David Austin Wedding Rose TessDavid Austin Wedding Rose Tess

David Austin Wedding Rose Tess’s spectacular blooms are made up of many, deep red petals. The blooms begin as rounded buds with prettily waved edges.

When fully open, the large outer petals surround smaller ruffled petals, forming magnificent, saucer-shaped rosettes. This gives the impression of great depth. Each rose displays a central cluster of attractive golden yellow stames. There is a very light and pleasant tea fragrance.


‘With her rich and romantic, jewel tones, Tess is not only ideal for Valentine’s day but also a perfect popular choice for weddings and festive events.”

Whilst David Austin Wedding Rose Tess garden-style blooms look stunning arranged on their own, they also harmonize beautifully with seasonal flowers and foliage.



Scented rose Extase. Perfect for Valentine's day!Scented Rose Extase

The red rose Extase is a gorgeous rose with a rich and fruity fragrance. Extase opens to a beautiful shaped rosette with a deep red color and develops velvety purple tones as the bloom ages.

Extase holds well in a colorful bouquet and is the ultimate one-of-a-kind rose for Valentine’s day. 

Extase is a locally grown rose in the Netherlands. This truly unique rose is only available through Parfum Flower Company.



David Austin Wedding Rose DarceyDavid Austin Wedding Rose Darcey

The color of this amazing rose transforms as the bloom ages. David Austin Wedding Rose Darcey is bright magenta in the bud and opens to a rich, raspberry red color. She develops purple tones as the bloom ages.
Darcey’s incurved cups open to perfect rosettes with many neatly arranged petals. When fully open, a beautiful cluster of golden stamens can be seen in the heart of the rose.

This beautiful rose with a light fruity tea scent mingles well with other vibrant colors, just as in the bouquet featured below with Greffe de Vie, Creazzi, Extase and Red Perfumella roses.



Want to see more garden roses perfect for Valentine’s Day? Just take a look at our assortment page! Make sure you order your roses in advance so we can ensure you their availability. Just give us a call or send your order to [email protected]. We’re happy to help ? If you want a beautiful bouquet with garden roses for Valentine’s Day, have a look at our store locator and find a florist in your area. Let the romance begin!




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