David Austin Kate™, a regal and enchanting rose, fit for a princess with its exquisite pink hues and captivating fragrance.

David Austins Kate is a passionate queen with a powerful presence. She rules intensely, deeply and dramatically. The kind of attention-grabbing bloom no one will forget. A seductive cup bursts to life with wavy petals in regal magenta tones that take on a cool indigo hue as they evolve. She has a sophisticated, pure and fresh scent with hints of lemon and pear drops. The jewel in the crown of any majestic occasion, Kate is in her element when her rich and striking presence stands among softer shades. Equally, she sits well with darker tones for a wonderfully modern look.

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David Austin



Other Parfum roses

Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka rose is a classic garden rose in a deep pink with a delicious old rose fragrance

Ivory Piaget

The beautiful rose Yves Piaget Ivory has golden ivory white petals that open up beautifully from an unusual bud into a peony-shaped rose.

Palm Beach

Palm beach spray rose is a perfect delicate warm sunset orange spray rose which blooms beautifully

White O’Hara

White O'Hara rose, one of the most well-known garden roses is white rose with a blush centre and delicious fragrance.

White Majolica

White Majolica spray roses are a delicate frilly off-white rose with subtle light pink hues.


Vitality is a beautiful buttery-white rose that slowly opens to a spiraled rosette with a strong fruity scent.

Vanilla Fragrance

The Vanila Fragrance rose has large blooms in a soft yellow/creme bush with a strong fruity fragrance.

Sweet Antike

Sweet Antike spray rose is a beutiful pale-baby pink rose with an extraordinary frangrance.

Princess Maya

Princess Maya is a large headed pure light peach rose with petals with starry points.

Princess Miyuki

Princess Miyuki is a stunning pure white rose with a romantic fragrance.

Scented Whisper

Scented Whisper rose is spray rose with fragrant and delicate blooms in a peach-apricot colour.

Snow Ballet

The spray rose Snow Ballet is filled with tiny little petals and a rich off-white colour

English Miss

English Miss is a delightful pale pink spray rose with a sweet fragrance with a spicy undertone.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit rose is a bold multi-coloured garden rose with a mixture of peach and pink tones with orange and yellow.


Joyce, has beautiful large blooms which are cream with pink lined petals with a sensational fruity fragrance.

Lady Killer

Lady Killer is a striking pure red rose with velvet petals and a strong, delicious scent.

Mamy Blue

Mamy Blue is a tropical, bold fuchsia rose. Very bright eye catching blooms oozing with fragrance.

Margaret Merril

Margaret Merril, fabulously fragrant dainty, high-centred buds opening to white, open flowers overlaid with a blush pink sheen.

Peony Pink

The heavenly fragrant Peony Pink, is a baby pink rose with an unusual shape very similar to a Peony.

Pink Majolica

Majolica Pink is a glorious rose with elegant sprays, opening from pointed buds, they have a strong and delight citrus floral fragrance.

Pink O’Hara

Pink O'Hara rose is a pretty pink rose with a more traditional shape, filled with layers and layers of petals that give a wonderful fragrance.


Sabrina opens into a perfectly symmetrical rosette with a button center. A splotch of light pink is framed with rounded, layered white petals.


Scenta rose is soft beige and blush coloured rose with a delicate fragrance


David Austin Patience™, delicate, lace-like ivory petals revealing a creamy coloured centre with just a hint of pale, buttery yellow. Patience has an intense and clean fragrance of Old Rose fused with lemon.

Yves Piaget

A gloriously fragrant rose with a hint of sunny citrus and an average of 80 layers of petals. Yves Piaget's ruffled petals are a mix of dark and bright to very light shades of pink

Welcome to Parfum Flower Company, where David Austin’s Kate reigns as a passionate queen with a powerful presence. This attention-grabbing bloom captivates with its seductive cup bursting to life with wavy petals in regal magenta tones, evolving into a cool indigo hue.

Kate exudes sophistication with her pure and fresh scent, hinting at notes of lemon and pear drops. The jewel in the crown of any majestic occasion, Kate stands out among softer shades or sits well with darker tones for a wonderfully modern look.

Experience the intense beauty of David Austin’s Kate at Parfum Flower Company, perfect for adding drama to any floral arrangement.

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