Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup rose is a unique light rusty browny-red colour which opens fully with few petals, an absolute delight.

Maple Syrup rose is a truly unique and captivating variety that mesmerizes with her distinctive qualities. The blooms showcase a light rusty browny-red colour, evoking warmth and a touch of rustic charm. As the flowers fully open, they reveal a captivating sight with their few petals, creating a minimalist yet captivating display.

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Rusty Red



Dümmen Orange



Other Garden roses


Symbol rose is a large headed rose in an amazing combination of copper brown with hints of old rose.


Turtle roses have large blooms of muted yellow-cream petals with green guard petals


Country Spirit Peonia

The rose Country Spirit Peonia is a beautiful very light baby pink spray rose which opens beautifully into a frilly bloom.

Grandma’s Romy

Grandma's Romy spray rose is a nostalgic filled spray rose in a delicate pink.


Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit rose is a large headed rose, mainly orange with hints of purple and green along the outer petals.


Country Blues

Country Blues rose is a georgeous bold magenta quarted heart rose



Coldplay rose is a delightful peony-shaped creamy white rose.


The Sunset rose is a delicious dark orange colour

Purple Symphony

Purple Symphony is a beautiful pale lavender spray rose starting out as a very tight small bud which then opens into a stunning cup shape, filled with overlapping petals.

Victorian Secret Rose

Victoria Secret rose is a gorgeous cupped bi-colour rose with a peachy-pink colour.

Augusta George

Augusta George is a frilly delightful yellow rose

Country Home Rose

Country Home rose has a captivating stylized shape with large peach buds and flicks of green on her guard petals.


The Nona! spray rose is a beautiful white rose which begins as a closed cup but over time blooms beautifully.

Keysers Coral

Keysers Coral is a delightful coral rose roses filled with many gorgeous petals.


Orbit rose is a beautiful bold orange rose.

Shine On

Shine On spray rose is a pretty pale orange spray rose with delicate blooms, she arrives tightly wrapped but unfurls over time.

Country Spirit Frieda

Country Spirit Frieda rose is a glorious warm apricot rose.

Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka rose is a classic garden rose in a deep pink with a delicious old rose fragrance


The Priscilla rose is a blush pink/peach coloured rose in the destinctive WANS shape

Country Spirit Physalia

The rose Country Spririt Physalia rose is a gorgeous true yellow frilly rose.

Wedding Spirit

Wedding Spirit rose, is a fairy-tale, a delicate peach hue with green-yellow accents.

Dainty Parfum

The rose Dainty Parfum is a joyful quarted rose filled with frilly pale pink petals.

Marble Arch

Marble Arch is a beautiful creamy white quartered rose filled with delicate petals.


The Ezra rose is an incredibly delicate rose in a pale peach which opens beautifully.

Ivory Piaget

The beautiful rose Yves Piaget Ivory has golden ivory white petals that open up beautifully from an unusual bud into a peony-shaped rose.

Introducing the Maple Syrup Rose – a truly one-of-a-kind beauty that captivates with its distinct allure. Delighting the senses with its light rusty brown-red hue, this exquisite rose exudes warmth and a hint of rustic charm, adding a touch of natural elegance to any setting.

As its blooms unfurl, the Maple Syrup Rose unveils a captivating sight, with its minimalist yet mesmerizing display of few petals. This unique feature sets it apart, creating an understated yet captivating presence that draws attention effortlessly.

Perfect for adding a dash of rustic charm to floral arrangements, the Maple Syrup Rose is a standout choice for those seeking something truly special. Explore the enchantment of the Maple Syrup Rose at Parfum Flower Company and elevate your floral designs with its distinctive beauty.

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