Yves Piaget Cream

Yves Piaget Cream a beautifully fragrant rose with creamy white petals and a hint of blush of pink and opens beautifully from an unusual bud into a peony-shaped rose.

The beautiful rose Yves Piaget Cream comes from the Meilland Jardin & Parfum collection and is a genetic sister of the famous Yves Piaget rose. She has creamy white petals with a blush of pink on the tip and opens beautifully from an unusual bud into a peony-shaped rose.

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Other Parfum roses

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White O'Hara rose, one of the most well-known garden roses is white rose with a blush centre and delicious fragrance.

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Vitality is a beautiful buttery-white rose that slowly opens to a spiraled rosette with a strong fruity scent.

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Sabrina opens into a perfectly symmetrical rosette with a button center. A splotch of light pink is framed with rounded, layered white petals.


Scenta rose is soft beige and blush coloured rose with a delicate fragrance

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Paul Ricard is an exceptional rose with a strong sweet fragrance and unusual pale peachy-pink colour.

Explore the exquisite Yves Piaget Cream rose from the renowned Meilland Jardin & Parfum collection, a genetic sibling of the iconic Yves Piaget rose. Delicate creamy white petals kissed with a hint of pink gracefully unfold from a unique bud, blossoming into a luxurious peony-shaped bloom. Ideal for adding elegance and charm to any floral arrangement or event.

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