10 garden and scented roses perfect for this fall


10. Prince Jardinier

Prince Jardinier scented rose

Prince Jardinier is a very light pink and ultra-romantic scented rose that can open up to an almost saucer shaped bloom. This is a very open, soft and swirly rose and the petals open up wide enough to expose the center pollen. Prince Jardinier has the swirled velvet petal structure typical of garden roses as well as a particularly romantic feel. Combined with a delicious sweet scent, this both classic and elegant rose is perfect for sophisticated wedding bouquets and lavish centerpieces.

Prince Jardinier is named after Prince Louis Albert de Broglie, a member of one of France’s top aristocrat families. Louis Albert is known for his love for gardening, especially growing tomatoes, due to which he obtained the nickname ‘Le Prince Jardinier’ (The Gardener Prince).


9. Caramel Antike

Caramel Antike garden rose

Caramel Antike, with her many petals, is a beautiful cabbage shaped rose with a mild fragrance. The petals have a honey-yellow to apricot coloring with pink blushes toward the centers. The Caramel Antike rose is the genetic sister of Romantic Antike and looks like the cabbage roses of old Dutch masters’ paintings. Caramel Antike has a great vase life and is terrific for vase work, also because of her size. This rose holds extremely well in soft colored and fall-inspired bouquets.


8. Snow Ballet

Snow Ballet spray rose

The spray rose Snow Ballet has a lovely nostalgic shape and comes, as the name suggests, in a pure white color. With 40-50 petals per bloom, this well filled spray rose lends herself perfectly for bride and bridesmaid bouquets and table decorations.


7. Café Latte

Cafe Latte scented rose

The rose Café Latte is a very special rose with an unique, ethereal color, opening fully with a sweet vanilla and anise scent. She is famous for her unusual antique petals and lends herself perfectly for a vintage wedding style.


6. Everlasting Lavender

Everlasting Lavender spray rose

Everlasting Lavender is a soft grey-lavender colored spray rose. Her cupped buds open to beautiful, small rosettes. The Everlasting Lavender rose has a mild rose fragrance and is, because of her very special color, a very popular choice for floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Due to her soft pastel tones, the rose Everlasting Lavender incorporates well with a wide variety of soft colored roses.


5. David Austin Tess

David austin tess wedding rose

This ground-breaking David Austin Wedding Rose Tess, is David Austin’s first true red cut rose. What makes this variety extra special is that unlike conventional red cut roses, ‘Tess’s’ large blooms exude the natural character and charm of old garden roses.

David Austin Wedding Rose Tess’s spectacular blooms are made up of many, sumptuous, deep royal red petals. They begin as rounded buds, with prettily waved edges. When fully open, the large outer petals surround smaller ruffled petals, forming magnificent, saucer-shaped rosettes, which give the impression of great depth. Each bloom displays a central cluster of attractive golden yellow stamens. There is a very light and pleasant tea fragrance.

‘Tess’ benefits from a long vase life of over 10 days, making it ideal for gifting and arrangements in the home. With its rich, romantic, jewel tones, it is not only ideal for Valentine’s Day but also promises to be a popular choice for weddings and festive events. Whilst David Austin Wedding Rose Tess garden-style blooms look stunning arranged on their own, they also harmonize beautifully with seasonal flowers and foliage.

The name is inspired by David Austin’s red English Garden Rose, ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’, which takes its name from the heroine of Thomas Hardy’s novel.


4. Golden Mustard

golden mustard garden rose

Golden Mustard is a beautiful garden yellow/gold garden rose with hues of light brown toward the center. She is unique in her coloring with petals that resemble the color of mustard seeds.Golden Mustard is very much in demand for wedding work and everyday arrangements because of her special color and great vase life. She opens about 30% and holds extremely well in a bridal bouquet.


3. Alina Perfumella

alina perfumella scented rose
The Alina Perfumella rose is a beautiful, smaller scale, garden rose. She has deep, full and swirly light peachy petals. Alina Perfumella has a delicate, light fragrance resembling a candy cane and is ideal for mixed bouquets, floral arrangements and corsages.

The cream peachy to light pink coloring of the blooms makes this a romantic rose with a garden charm.


2. Lavender Bouquet

Lavender bouquet garden rose

Lavender Bouquet is a stunning lavender rose from Dutch origin with a tubular shape. As she opens you will notice a complex shaping of the central petals. Lavender is one of the most rarest and visually stunning rose colors, so it is no surprise she is highly sought after for wedding work. With her eye-catching shades of light purple, Lavender Bouquet is a wildly popular alternative for romantic occasions, as well as everyday floral design.


1. Candelight

candlelight scented garden rose

Candlelight is a yellow rose that turns apricot as she opens, changing colors as she blooms all the way. With a stunning shape with slightly curled petals that open outward, Candlelight is the perfect rose to add a little bit of romance to your wedding or event. Candlelight has a nice sweet lavender fragrance and works great to add color to a wedding bouquet or as a focal in a fall wedding. Similar to the candlelight over a romantic dinner, this rose is surely one to fall in love with.


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