The 10 most popular pink roses of 2018 – according to you!


The year is almost coming to an end and that means it’s time to reflect on a wonderful year (thanks to you!) and busy ourselves with one of our favorite things: our annual lists! For this one we dove into our online statistics because we were eager to find out what YOUR favorites of the year are. That’s why today we’re presenting the top 10 most popular pink roses, according to you! Number one isn’t really a surprise to us, but we were still amazed to see that some of the French scented roses from the Meilland collection made the cut!  Did your favorite made the cut? Scroll down and enjoy!


10 Prince Jardinier

Number 10 in the top 10 pink roses of this year is Prince Jardinier. Prince Jardinier garden roses are very light pink and ultra-romantic scented roses that can open up to an almost saucer shaped bloom. These are very open, soft and swirly roses and the petals open wide enough to expose the center pollen. She has the swirled velvet petal structure typical of garden roses as well as a particularly romantic feel.

The rose Prince Jardinier is named after the prince Louis Albert de Broglie, a member of one of France’s top aristocratic families. Louis Albert is known for his love for gardening, especially growing tomatoes, hence the name Le Prince Jardinier (The Gardener Prince).

These roses are an overall soft to very pale light ballet pink shade. Garden rose flowers are a classic and elegant look for beautiful brides and make sophisticated wedding bouquets, boutonnieres or any arrangements.

Specifications of the Prince Jardinier rose:

  • Color : Soft Pink
  • Petals Count : 60
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : sweet and strong
  • Vase Life : 7-8 days
  • Best use after: 5-6
  • Breeder : Meilland
  • Plant name : Meitroni

9 Charity

The David Austin Wedding Rose Charity is an utterly romantic, soft pink rose with warm peachy overtones. Each of Charity’s large, quartered, rosette blooms open to reveal a pretty green stamen, creating a unique and natural look.

The strong classic rose scent makes it a great choice for a fragrant buttonhole. With its subtle coloring, the David Austin Wedding Rose Charity is at its best as part of a pastel color scheme, mingled with an array of seasonal flowers and foliage.




Specifications of David Austin Wedding Rose Charity:

  • Shape : Quartered rosette
  • Color : Soft peach pink
  • Petal Count : 100
  • Diameter : 10-11 cm
  • Fragrance : Turkish delight, old rose
  • Vase Life : 4-6 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Auswasher
  • Best use after: 2-3 days

8 Carey

Number 8 of our top 10 of pink roses is David Austin Wedding Rose Carey, a charismatic rose that radiates natural beauty and mingles beautifully with cottage garden flowers, herbs and foliage.

Held elegantly on long, strong stems, Carey’s blooms are beautiful at all stages. They begin as very large, plump buds with pale pink outer petals, gradually unfurling to reveal mid-pink petals with an almost lavender hue. Once open they form classic, cupped, quartered rosettes,
with many delicately ruffled petals filling the heart of each bloom. Overtime, each bloom reveals a cluster of pretty yellow stamens. Carey blooms hold their shape for a week.

Carey’s beauty is matched by its delicious scent. Much admired by David Austin’s fragrance expert, Robert Calkin, he describes it as a “fresh rosy fragrance with an unusual hint of cedar wood”.

David Austin Wedding rose Carey is a very popular choice for weddings and events. Its subtle shades blend well with most color schemes, although it looks particularly lovely when combined in bouquets and arrangements with the soft pastel tones of David Austin’s much-loved roses, ‘Keira’, ‘Juliet’ and ‘Patience’.

Specifications of David Austin Wedding Rose Carey:

  • Shape : Cupped and quartered
  • Color : Pink with lavender hue
  • Petal Count : 100
  • Diameter : 9-10 cm
  • Fragrance : Gentle, soft, old rose, cedar wood
  • Vase Life : 6-8 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Ausweather
  • Best use after: 3-4 days

7 Rosalind

The David Austin Wedding rose Rosalind is a peony shaped creamy pink focal flower with some lavender undertones. Incredibly ruffled, much like a peony this fragrant David Austin bloom is super packed, up to 160 luxurious petals.

Rosalind is remarkable for the gorgeous fruity fragrance. Small, blush pink buds open slowly to form beautiful, peony-like blooms. Each bloom has a large button eye in the style of the old garden roses. Created exclusive by David Austin, Rosalind is a special rose for a special event.




Specifications David Austin Wedding Rose Rosalind:

  • Shape : Cupped rosette
  • Color: Light pink
  • Petal Count : 160
  • Diameter : 9-10 cm
  • Fragrance : Fruity
  • Vase Life : 6 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Ausmash
  • Best use after: 3-4 days

6 Princesse Charlene de Monaco

One of our most sought after pink roses is Princesse Charlene of Monaco. She offers superb gradient pastels in delicate, salmon-pink. It is a great rose with surprisingly few petals.

It has a beautiful, sweet and fruity fragrance. The rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is a remarkable rose and holds well in a fully open form. A great performer with medium-long vase life.

The Rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is wonderful for flower arrangements, bridal bouquets and blush weddings. Or just as a eye-catching “mono-floral” bouquet of only Princesse Charlene de Monaco roses in a nice vase.


The garden rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is magical in the hands of floral designers.

Specifications of the Princesse Charlene de Monaco rose:

  • Shape : ROMANTICA®
  • Color : Salmon-Pink-Ochre
  • Petals Count : 68-71
  • Diameter : 11-14 cm
  • Fragrance : gentle, soft, old rose
  • Vase Life : 6-8 days
  • Breeder : Meilland
  • Plant name : Meidysouk

5 Peony Pink

The heavenly Scented Premium Garden Rose ‘Peony Pink’  is like no other. With a perfect peony shaped flower and the most romantic fruity scent it is one of our most beautiful roses. The color is very light pink.

The fragrance is very strong, an English Rose myrrh fragrance with lemon and almond hints.  The flowers have a medium, cupped bloom form. Its delicate shell pink petals opening fully to resemble a peony.




Specifications of the Peony Pink rose:

  • Shape : Peony / cabbage rose shaped
  • Color : Soft Pink
  • Petal Count : 80+
  • Diameter : 9 cm
  • Fragrance : Strong fresh myrrh scent
  • Vase Life : 5-7 days
  • Breeder : Unknown
  • Plant name : Unknown

4 Constance

The David Austin Wedding Rose Constance is a wonderfully pretty and romantic rose, with an overall effect of soft pink.

Constance’s lovely mix of rose pink to blush tones within the blossom adds to the charm and natural garden feel. Blooms of the David Austin Wedding Rose Constance hold well in a pretty cupped shape. Delicious fruity fragrance.





Specifications of David Austin Wedding Rose Constance:

  • Shape : Deeply cupped rosette
  • Color : White, blush, pink with peach hues
  • Petal Count : 140
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : Fruity
  • Vase Life : 6-7 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Austruss
  • Best use after: 3-4 days

3 Yves Piaget

Number 3 in the top 10 pink roses is the diva of the Piaget family, the Yves Piaget rose. Once seen is never forgotten. This gloriously strong scented rose with a hint of sunny citrus has an average of 80 layers of petals, with a bright to light pink color. Like an enormous scoop of strawberry ice cream, it’s hard to resist.

The Yves Piaget Rose is bred in France and introduced in 1985. The large-flowered Yves Piaget Rose is sometimes known as ‘Queen Adelaide.’ This award-winner is known for its sweet scent and large, full-petaled, pink blossoms reminiscent of the old garden roses grown during English Queen Adelaide’s reign in the nineteenth century.

Named for the famous Swiss clock maker who makes the trophy for the best rose in the Geneva rose competition. Perfectly combines old-fashioned form, strong color and rich fragrance.

Specifications of the Yves Piaget rose:

  • Shape : Romantica®
  • Color : Deep Pink-Cerise
  • Petals Count : 80
  • Diameter : 12 cm
  • Fragrance : Strong Citrus scent
  • Vase Life : 7 days
  • Breeder : Meilland
  • Plant name : Meivildo

2 Kate

Named in honor of the Duchess of Cambridge, the David Austin Wedding Rose Kate is already proving to be a popular choice for weddings and events. The garden-style blooms perfectly complement cottage garden flowers and foliage.

Kate is beautiful at all stages as the long elegant buds with attractive, silvery magenta pink outer petals gradually open to wide blooms of up to four inches across. The David Austin Wedding Rose Kate has many magenta pink petals which give the overall impression of rich raspberry pink. As the roses age the petals deepen in color, taking on hints of purple.

The flowers are fully double with exquisitely waved outer petals. Over time golden yellow stamens are eventually revealed. The mature flowers are in the style of 18th and 19th century Gallicas, with some of the character of both Charles de Mills and Tuscany Superb, which are generally considered among the most beautiful of all roses.

The fragrance is a beautifully balanced, pure rose fragrance with what our fragrance expert, Robert Calkin, describes as having a “touch of after-rain freshness”. There are also subtle hints of raspberry, redcurrant, geranium and bergamot. The fragrance varies in intensity as the flower ages.

The David Austin Wedding Rose Kate benefits from a long vase life of seven days.

Specifications of David Austin Wedding Rose Kate:

  • Shape : Cupped rosette
  • Color : Raspberry pink
  • Petal Count : 140
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : Raspberry, redcurrant, geranium and bergamot
  • Vase Life : 7-8 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Auschris
  • Best use after: 4-5 days

1 Keira

Time for the number one in this years’ top 10 pink roses: Keira! The Stunning David Austin Wedding Rose Keira has natural charm and glorious, vintage-style blooms. This unusual rose breaks all the normal rules for the cut flower industry, because each rose is subtly different in color, being a beautiful blend of blush pink and cream, often with warm peachy highlights. Some blooms have an irregular flush of pink that highlights the edge of the outer petals, creating a very soft picotee effect. We think that this variation adds to the natural charm of the rose.

The flowers of the David Austin Wedding Rose Keira are beautiful at all stages: the small, plump buds opening into glorious, rounded young blooms that eventually form spectacular cupped rosettes, each with around 100 petals. The edges of the outer petals have an attractive, lightly waved effect. There is a medium-strong rose fragrance.

This David Austin Wedding Rose Keira, perhaps more than any other, looks like it has been freshly cut from the garden. This makes it particularly effective when combined with seasonal flowers, herbs and foliage for a romantic, garden-inspired look.

The name ‘Keira’ is a charming variation on the ancient Gaelic ‘Ciara’.

Specifications David Austin Wedding Rose Keira:

  • Shape : Cupped rosette
  • Color : Blush pink to cream to light pink
  • Petal Count : 100
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : Fruity
  • Vase Life : 7-8 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Ausboxer
  • Best use after: 4-5 days


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