17 amazing wedding hairstyles with flowers


Whether you’re getting married, participating as a bridesmaid or simply a guest at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles with roses for you.

Roses are timeless products and will match with most wedding themes. Roses are romantic, give you a natural look and maybe best of all; you can combine your wedding hairstyle with your wedding bouquet for a perfect complete image. White dresses are predominant in the land of the brides, and because of that we turn to small details and accessories in order to create something unique . Adding florals is the perfect way to express your personality and to capture your style in a single image.

Stunning hair crown with roses. Would be lovely with lavender roses as well. Great idea for your wedding day.

Small rose crowns are playful and light and give off a very natural vibe. If you’re not a huge fan of pink, think about using lavender roses instead.

Lovely wedding crown with roses. Great wedding hairstyle idea. Love the messy hair.

Love this wedding hair style with white roses. And look at the laced dress!

A combination of white roses is always a good idea. When you want a rose with big blooms, you should go for a rose like ”Vitality”. A more modest variety in size would be the rose ”Jeanne Moreau”. Both are wonderfully fragrant.

Bohemian wedding hairstyle. Gorgeous!

With a bohemian wedding style you can go all out with flowers; even in your hair. With a theme like this one, it is common to use more vibrant and daring colors. The rose ”Free Spirit” is perfect for a bohemian wedding, both in looks and in name 😉

Beautiful hairstyle combination with red and peach flowers.

Another wedding hairstyle we really love: the up-do with a half flower crown. The combination of a loose bun and an open back wedding dress makes this look simple but elegenant.

Very elegant combination with the open back dress and this wedding hairstyle with roses.

White always works for a wedding.

A perfect example of how a fairly plain white wedding dress can be fully personalized by using flowers. This creation is enthusiastic and playful and really shows an unique bride. Don’t shy away from more forthcoming colors if it fits your personality. If you really want to stand out, choose roses like ”Lolita Lempicka”, ”Mammy Blue” or ”Capriccio”.

Great garden look and feel hairstyle with roses.

When you like pink flowers, but want a more original shape, use peonies like our rose ”Peony Pink”. This rose is exceptional because of its myrrh fragrance with lemon and almond hints.

Easy but stylish wedding hairstyle. Peony roses would look great in this look.

Probably the most used wedding rose: David Austin Wedding Rose ”Juliet”. And we can see why! Juliet roses can be used for anything, but we especially liked this look because of the soft tones.

Just fell in love with this buttoned dress. The blush roses in the bouquet and her hair really complement the overall image.

Lovely wedding hairstyle with light colors. This one would be great for a beach or garden wedding.

Peach roses give a soft natural look and are practically suitable for every wedding. When you are a guest, try to tuck only a few flowers in your hair, like the lovely soft colored ”Sweet Perfumella” roses. That way you will look gorgeous, but you won’t outdo the bride.

Loosely arranged wedding hairstyle with a big rose. Love it!

I love this one! It’s very simple, but the bright colors give it some edge. When you want to use fiercely colored garden roses with many, many petals, take a look at our David Austin Roses collection. The roses ”Kate” and ”Darcey” in particular.

Amazing wedding hairstyle with big hot pink roses.

Bohemian wedding hairstyle with roses. Very romantic.

This is a very classic look; not too complicated, but very elegant. White dress, red roses and red lips. Of course there’s only one rose that will fit this look best: ”Lady Killer” 🙂

White dress, red roses and red lips. What a stunning bride!

This flower crown wedding hairstyle has the veil incoporated. So stunning!

Beautiful flower crown. Love how the veil is attached to it. Gorgeous wedding hairstyle!

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