21 wonderful ideas for a beach wedding


Summer is on its way. And that can only mean one thing…beach weddings! Although the weather isn’t very promising yet, it’s time to start planning your special day, because the warm summer days are soon to come. Flowy dresses, bare feet, flowers, shells, arbors in the sand and cute little lights. With a beach wedding a super romantic day is guaranteed. Some even found clever solutions for all the sand that gets between your toes!

You can go all out, or keep it very small with only the people closest to you, everything is permissible when it comes down to a beach wedding. That’s why we have lised 21 wonderful ideas for you below. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration!


happily ever after sign for a beach wedding

Wedding programs on Popsicle sticks. How cute!

wedding programs on popsicle sticks. How cute! A playful detail for your beach wedding.

We love this one. Look at how many roses are draped over the table!

Flowers draped over a table. Perfect for a beach wedding.

A beach wedding isn’t complete without an arbor. They come in many varations. For example this natural one. Straightforward, but very romantic nonetheless.

Arbor with roses for a beach wedding.

This one is a bit more extravagant and stacked with white roses and rose petals. Scented roses like ”Patience”, ”Cream Yves Piaget” or ”Vitality” would make this setting perfect.

Arbor with roses and rose petals for a beach wedding

If you want to add that romantic blush to your beach wedding, you absolutely have to use the David Austin Wedding Rose ”Juliet”. The number one scented rose in the world!

Wedding arbor with draped curtains and roses. Stunning and romantic!

These little fellows surely steal the show. Shoes, shorts, suspenders; everything is on point.

Cute little fellows with amazing outfits for a beach wedding.

There comes the bride!

There comes the bride! Stunning dress for a beach wedding. And look at those roses! Some David Austin Wedding Roses will make up for the perfect hairdo.

Dark hair in combination with ivory white flowers. Perfect. To create this look, use the ivory wedding rose ”Jeanne Moreau”, with a truly wild, fresh from the garden feel.

Beautiful hairdo with roses for a beach wedding look.

A mix with pink flowers, like the ”Pink O’Hara” , also works exceptionally well for a beach wedding.

Wedding dress and hairstyle for a beach wedding.

Leaning more towards a bohemian style for your beach wedding? This beautiful creation will definitely make you an unique bride.

For a more bohemian style for a beach wedding. Spectaculair flower ankle bands!

Time to make a walk down the aisle! A quite simple setting, but it works so well with the ivory roses!

Time to make a walk down the aisle! A quite simple setting, but it works so well with the ivory roses!

Soft pink and blush colors make up for a very romantic wedding bouquet. Recreate this look with the scented wedding roses ”Juliet”, ”Peony Pink” and ”Pink O’Hara”.

Wedding bouquet with scented roses for a perfect beach wedding.


Bridal bouquet with scented roses. Wonderful idea for a beach wedding.

They both said yes!

Beach wedding. Writing in the sand, very cool!

We love this intimate setting for a more secluded celebration. Fun idea to combine the cute little lights with flowers.

Table setting for a intimate beach wedding. Cute little lights and roses. Perfect!

Since beach weddings are usually on hot summer days, some cool watermelon refreshments would be in place!

Cute watermelon refreshments for a beach wedding!

Some sparkle at your beach wedding, for when it gets dark!

Some sparkle on your beach wedding for when it gets dark.

Non-iced, or just partial-iced, wedding cakes are very popular this year. Add some roses to give it a stunning natural look.

Non-iced, or just partial iced, wedding cakes are very popular this year. Add some roses to give it a stunning natural look.

Simplicity at its best with soft pink colored roses like the ”English Miss”.

Iced wedding cake with roses. Would fit well with a beach wedding.

Easy and clever idea to get rid of that all sand after a beach wedding!

Cute and clever idea to get rid of that sand after a beach wedding.

These pictures really make you long for summer! Before we start daydreaming of warm sand and sunsets, we would like to show you a few suggestions that will suit a beach wedding extremely well. Do you have a favorite scented rose?






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