30 inspiring ideas for a white wedding


Worldwide, the color white has been associated with weddings and other significant life or spiritual events for millennia. In ancient Greece, white was the color of bridal joy, and brides not only wore white dresses and white flowers, but they also painted their bodies white. In China, it was the color of purity and perfection, and thus uniquely suitable as a color associated with death, which they saw as the time when the deceased person moved towards ultimate perfection. In ancient Japan, white was also the color of purity and innocence. In Africa, the color white is associated with deities and worship.

The tradition of a white wedding dress is commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white court dress at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Royal brides before Victoria did not typically wear white, instead choosing “heavy brocaded gowns embroidered with white and silver thread,” with red being a particularly popular colour in Western Europe more generally. European and American brides had been wearing a plethora of colours, including blue, yellow, and practical colours like black, brown, or gray. As accounts of Victoria’s wedding spread across the Atlantic and throughout Europe, elites followed her lead.

Walk into a bridal shop these days and you’ll be overwhelmed by the amounts of white presented. It’s the most used, and probably most cherished, wedding theme of all time. There are like a trillion pretty pictures of white weddings and we can’t show you them all, so we made a selection of 30 stunning ideas for a white wedding that will totally fit this season. And man, are we glad that we don’t have to wear a brown wedding dress 😉

Are you having a white garden wedding? This should be at your entrance!

The great thing with white weddings is that you can play around a little with your colors. Of course, the general image should be white, but you’ll want to add at least some color to give it a personal touch. That’s probably why the David Austin Wedding Rose ”Juliet” is our most used wedding rose. With its light peach coloring it adds the perfect amount variety to your wedding.

Cute white wedding chairs for the bride and groom

I love the whole concept of the ”his and hers” chairs and they come in many variations. With the weather being this warm and welcoming, a lot of wedding ceremonies, receptions and celebrations are being held outside. That makes the white wedding + garden theme a recurring trend this season.

Beautiful table setting for an outside white wedding

Amazing table settings, romantic lights in the back, gorgeous centerpieces; perfect!

Gorgeous centerpiece. Love the sparkly lights in the background.

Stunning table piece with roses for a white wedding.

If you would ask me which rose to use for a white wedding I would recommend the Premium Scented Garden Rose ”Vitality”; A large white rose with a natural ”fresh from the garden” look and an amazing sweet lemony scent.

White roses and white candles. Does it get prettier than this?

White roses and white candles for a perfect ambience. And now, imagine yourself descending those stairs in the wedding dress of your dreams…

Imagine walking down these stairs on your wedding day!

Love this woven chair design. Great idea for a white wedding!

If you want to go for a more luxurious white wedding, make sure to add some golden details.

Very simple, but so lovely

White and gold. Perfect combination!

A boutonnière can be very simple and elegant with a single white rose such as the ”White O’Hara’‘ or the ”Cream Yves Piaget”.

Gorgeous look for the groom for a white wedding.

Simple, but so elegant!

How cute are these balloons!?

White wedding balloons! What an artsy idea!

Love the clean look. And the roses of course!

You can choose a more traditional white wedding cake, or go for a little more sparkle with the paint brush effect. Either way, finish the look with a couple of white roses. Wedding cakes don’t have to be complicated, just tasty 😉

A wedding cake with a little sparkle. This one would look great with Vitality roses.

Gorgeous wedding cake for a white wedding with peonies.

Gorgeous white corsages!

When you really want to get that unique garden feel to your wedding, a lesser known (but absolutely perfect) option is the garden rose ”Princess Miyuki”.

Beautiful white wedding bouquet with roses

Great idea for the bride's maids. Would be perfect for a white wedding theme.

Gorgeous white wedding bouquet with David Austin Wedding Roses Patience.

A white wedding isn’t complete without some gorgeous ”Patience” roses from the David Austin collection (see the picture above and below). The David Austin Wedding Rose Patience is a delightful buttermilk rose with ruffled petals reminiscent of fine lace. The creamy yellow buds gradually open out fully to form flat, medium-sized rosettes.

There is a fresh old rose fragrance with elements of fruit, lilac and myrrh. The fragrance is medium-strong at first, but softens as the blooms age, later developing lemony notes.

Beautiful cascade white wedding bouquet with David Austin Wedding Rose Patience

Walking down the aisle in style; on rose petals!

Walking down the aisle on rose petals is always a good idea.

Juliet” is perfect for adding a whiff of romance to your white wedding. When you want to add a bit of elegance ”Cafe Latte” is the rose to go for.

Beautiful floral arbor for a white wedding

Wild and simple wedding arbor. Good idea for a white oudoor wedding. It has the bohemian vibe.

Mono bouquets are timeless, but can be very heavy due to the amount of roses used. If you want to keep it light, use a smaller rose like ”Jeanne Moreau”.

Lovely white mono wedding bouquet. Photography by Rebecca Yale Photography, Inc.

Lush wedding bouquet for a white wedding.

Romantic couple photo shoot for white wedding theme.

Wedding hairstyles with flowers are just the best! You can find more examples on our blog 17 amazing wedding hairstyles with flowers.

Lovely pic. Great style for a white wedding.

Love is in the air! Gorgeous couple. Great idea for a white wedding.

And last but not least: Chocolate cupcakes with rose-shaped frosting *drooling*

I'm in love! Chocolate cake with white rose-shaped frosting. Yum!

White roses are extremely popular and always sold out very quickly. To make sure you get the roses you love on time, give us a call or send your order to [email protected]

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