5 secrets of the perfect bride’s bouquet


In this week’s Florist FriFiori Flower Boutiqueday blog we take you to a very special place all the way in Kiev, Ukraine. Fiori Flower Boutique is one of the five locations from Fiori Flower Company; a well-known florist with a hardworking team of professionals. Young and innovative, with an eye for detail.

Florists, event designers, home designers and wedding specialists work together to create wonderful flower arrangements for weddings, special events and even for in your own home. Once you visit this Flower Boutique, you will never want to return home again. I mean, the place even looks like a house! Who would mind living there?



If flowers could talk, they would have admired our work.

And we can’t disagree with that! But besides their amazing craftsmanship and the passion they always put in the work itself, they also have a passion for sharing their views and knowledge with the world. That’s why we have the privilege today to share 5 secrets with you for a perfect bride’s bouquet!

5 secrets of the perfect bride’s bouquet

A wedding day is one of the most important and unforgettable days in the lives of every couple. The preparation for this celebration takes a lot of time and effort, because you want every detail to be perfect. The bride’s bouquet is one of the most important attributes of the wedding ceremony; it has to complement the bride’s image.

Having years of experience in the composition of every wedding bouquet imaginable, Fiori is going to reveal the main 5 secrets of the ideal bride’s bouquet.

1. The wedding bouquet should match the image

The choice of colors for the bride’s bouquet depends on the design of the dress, your color preference, pyshique and style of the wedding itself.  Therefore, it is desirable to bring a tissue sample or a photo of the wedding dress to the first meeting with the florist; as well as a photo of the location where the ceremony will be held. Describe the details to help your florist create a harmonious image.

David Austin Edith David Austin Edith Wedding cake David Austin Edith flower arrangements and bride's bouquet

2. Request a trial bride’s bouquet

Fiori acutally offers you a trial bride’s bouquet, so that your wedding bouquet is a hair’s breadth at the wedding day as you imagined. This will give you confidence that things will look perfect on one of the most special days of your life.

3. Choose the right shape of your bouquet

There are three popular shapes:

Mono bride's bouquetMono bouquet – It generally consists of one color. You can choose roses, peonies, calla lillies or anything you like. This type of bouquet will fit best into a classic wedding style, but will match, due to its simple elegance, with practically every type of wedding.






Cascade Bride's bouquetCascade bouquet – This bouquet will fit perfectly into a fairytale-like ceremony and will be suitable for dresses with a princess silhouette. But the bride should not forget that this type of bouquet can be quite heavy. The cascade bouquet is sure to take its rightful place in the wedding ceremony and will be a luxurious addition to the image of the bride.






Disheveled bride's bouquetDisheveled bouquet – It produces the impression to be assembled in haste. A freeform gives it lightness and magnificent volume. This bride’s bouquet is perfect for a rustic, garden or bohemian wedding style. The main accents in the bouquet can be succulents, proteas, feathers and, of course, a lot of greenery.






4. Hold your bouquet the right way

Wedding bouquets attract the eye of guests and camera lenses. Try not to keep it above waist level. Keep your flowers as low as possible. Since the bride is in the spotlights the whole day, natural defense mechanisms can be triggered and the bride will subconsciously try to hide behind the bouquet. They solution is pretty simple though: only let positive vibes pour through, throw away unnecessary thoughts and enjoy the most fabulous day of your life!

5. The bride and groom should match

If you want it all to be perfect, combine the flowers of the bride’s bouquet with the flowers that go into the buttonhole on the lapel or pocket of the groom’s jacket. This will add charm to the couple, making them a single image.

bride and groom floral matchbride and groom flower matchbride and groom flower match

If you want to learn more about Fiori Flower Company, see their amazing works and read their blog, make sure to visit the website. If you want to work with the same scented roses as Fiori or have them for your wedding, simply send an email to [email protected]. We would love to help you!


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