8 wedding trends for this season + rose style guides


There are so many wedding trends that it can be quite difficult to pick the one that suits you best. Not only for brides; florists need to pick their signature flowers for the season too. They have to come up with new stunning creations, innovative art and at the same time provide their customers with exactly what they want. We love what we’ve seen so far this season! To help brides, event managers and florists with creating the perfect wedding day for every bride, we have listed 8 floral wedding trends below for this season.

Garden look and feel wedding

Outside venues, with lots of greenery, white, cream and pink flowers, wooden and golden touches, usually surrounded by an abundance of cozy lights, are typical for a garden wedding. Close to nature and with a very romantic ambiance.

weddingtrend garden wedding with cafe latte roses

weddingtrend garden wedding with white roses

cute idea for a garden wedding

Rose style guide for a garden wedding

Bold and elegant city wedding

Forget about getting married in a barn. This year rooftops are a popular location! Escpecially with the breathtaking view of the big city in the background. But also big impressive wedding venues are pretty common. Elegance is key when it comes to a city wedding, and that’s why you’ll see darker coloring in this trend.

weddingtrend city wedding with rose petal aisle on a rooftop in the big city

weddingtrend city wedding. Impressive locations!

weddingtrend city wedding. More elegance and darker coloring.

Rose style guide for a city wedding

Back to basic cakes

Extremely popular wedding trend this year: non-iced (or just slightly iced) wedding cakes. No extravaganza or sugar bombs, but natural looking tasty layers, decorated with different kinds of fruits and flowers to give each wedding cake a personal touch.

non-iced wedding cake, perfect for a blush wedding

floral non-iced wedding cake

non-iced wedding cake with roses

You can find more tasty wedding cakes with roses right here in this blog.

Rose style guide for non-iced wedding cakes

Navy/pink color combination wedding

They say that opposites attract. When it comes to a navy/pink wedding color theme, that’s definitely true. These two totally different colors fit so well together. If you’re going for a cute touch, use light shades of pink. If you are more daring and adventurous, think about adding hot pink or coral  to the deep dark navy colors.

ideas for the groom, navy/pink wedding

bouquet with roses for a navy/pink wedding

rose bouquet with soft pink tones for a navy/pink wedding theme

Want more great examples? Read our blog on navy/pink weddings.

Rose style guide for a navy pink wedding

Romance on the beach

Summer is on its way. And that can only mean one thing…beach weddings! Flowy dresses, bare feet, flowers, shells, arbors in the sand and cute little lights. A super romantic day is guaranteed. You can go all out, or keep it very small with only the people closest to you, everything is permissible when it comes down to a beach wedding.

Wedding bouquet with scented roses for a perfect beach wedding.

Table setting for a intimate beach wedding. Cute little lights and roses. Perfect!

Arbor with roses for a beach wedding.

Wait! We have more inspirational ideas for a beach wedding for you right here!

Rose style guide for a beach wedding

 Wedding hairstyles with roses

If it’s up to us, a bride is not complete without a hairdo with roses. Of course, there are many different hairstyles that will fit your wedding theme, but there are only a few suitable for any wedding. A floral theme, whether it’s roses or any other type of flower, is always a safe and fashionable choice.

cute wedding hairstyle with blush roses

wedding hairstyle with lots of roses

Pretty wedding hairstyle with pink roses

Rose style guide for wedding hairstyles

Free spirited bohemian

If there’s one theme that has ”flowers” written all over it, it would be a bohemian wedding. Although it is a very specific trend – usually for the adventurous, free spirited couple – it reappears almost every year. Well…no surprise there! It’s romantic. It’s intimate. It’s bold and authentic. And it has many, many flowers!

Bride and groom during a bohemian themed wedding. Stunning floral creations.

Bouquet with flowers and roses for a bohemian wedding.

Wonderful setting for a bohemian wedding. Love the added roses.

Rose style guide for a bohemian wedding

Pure white wedding

Last, but not least, the never-ending wedding trend of white. White always works and it matches with literally everything. Innocence. Purity. Honesty. The perfect color for any wedding!

white wedding. Groom with rose.

diner setting idea for a white wedding with roses.

beautiful brides bouquet with roses for a white wedding

Rose style guide for a white wedding


Those were some great wedding trends! If you want to see our complete collection of scented roses, just visit our assortment page. Whether you are a florist, wholesaler or a bride to be, we can help getting you the roses you want. You can find more information on our homepage or send an email to [email protected] and find out how we can help you.

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