A visit to the last grower of the scented rose ‘Jacaranda’


Florists who are in business for over 15 years might remember the time when there were plenty scented roses named ‘Jacaranda’.  There were a lot of Dutch rose growers with this variety back then. With the transfer of production of roses to Africa, almost all smaller Dutch growers stopped producing roses.


As we know of, there’s only one grower left in the world with the scented rose Jacaranda, and the nursery where jacaranda is grown, is very close to our office! We are very happy to announce that we have added the last grower of the scented rose variety ‘Jacaranda’ to our list of suppliers and are proud to say we can offer you this amazing heavily scented rose from May to October.

Ron de Ruiter
Ron de Ruiter in his Greenhouse

We just received two deliveries and will be receiving Jacaranda roses from the M.P. de Ruiter – de Boer company till the end of the season. To start again next year in april/may with the first picks.

Ron de Ruiter and his wife started with Jacaranda back in 1986 in Aalsmeer and moved to Vrouwenakker in 1992 where they are still producing today. The Jacaranda plants in the greenhouse are already 15 years old, still producing high quality flowers. But not so much as when he started. From 150.000 stems to around 70.000 stems now.


jacaranda roses

M.P. de Ruiter – de Boer Nursery in Vrouwenakker, The Netherlands

As you can see all roses have been picked. Because of the heavy ground, all plants are planted in large pots. After 15 years in production, the plants are still producing amazing flowers.






Premium scented rose JacarandaPremium Scented Rose Jacaranda

A bright pink rose with a strong fruity fragrance. With 35 petals and an average diameter of 7-8 cm it is a large bloom. The rose is Bred by Kordes in 1985. The seed was Mercedes® (floribunda, Kordes, 1974) × Emily Post and the pollen was Omega and comes from Ludwig Taschner.

This rose is perfect for lush wedding bouquets and centerpieces, and due to its color, especially suitable for bright wedding themes.




The Jacaranda roses will be available in our webshop till around October. However, if you want to order them right away, just send us an email at [email protected]. We’re happy to help! 


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