A visit to Wans Roses, a very special rose grower


Roses from Wans

Sometimes you come across something so special, you are even more happy to work with roses. This time it was Wans Roses in Germany.

Knowing the roses, -we had already received some shipments of a few buckets-, we decided it was time to visit Wans Roses, a very special rose grower in Straelen, as small town just across the border in Germany.

Wans Rose 'Lady Carolina'

 Specialist grower Wans Roses

Last week Johan and Wouter went to Straelen in Germany to visit a very special rose grower: Wans Roses. This rose farm has around 3 ha of roses. They grow a lot of common varieties such as some Sweet and Peach Avalanche roses, but that is not why Wouter and Johan visited this farm. In a few of the older greenhouses they found the varieties roses so perfectly fit for our assortment.

The Wans family

The Wans company is a true family company. The team consists of the managing directors Christian Wans and his father Heinz-Gerd Wans and a well-trained team. This team includes approximately 15 additional employees during the peak season from March until the end of October. All people have been working for the family for many years, so you can find a lot of expertise in this farm. They must have a lot of expertise, because working with these amazing roses is not easy.

Wans roses staff picture
The Wans company is proud to say that the most part of the staff has many years of service. The over the years appropriated expertise of their employees is one of the reasons for the excellent quality of the roses.

Royal Beauties

We knew it had to be a special rose grower. You must be a special grower when you see what kind of beauties come from this amazing farm. You can see below why we were not disappointed! Most of these roses belong to Wans’ Royal Beauties collection.

The Assortment

In the Wans assortment we always try to offer our customers the following varieties:

  • Golden Vuvuzela
  • Emma Woodhouse
  • Angie Romantica
  • Blanche Elegance
  • Mata Raja
  • Juwena

Wans Roses

To see if these roses are currently available you can always check our website by clicking here .

Angie Romantica

One of the true winners from the Wans Royal Beauties collection is the variety “Angie Romantica” from the French breeder Meilland. This rose is a very fragile one. She quickly shows cracks when not handled carefully. Heinz-Gerd personally takes care of the cutting and packing of this perfect wedding rose. To arrive in best conditions at the Parfum Flower Company to be distributed to florists around Europe.

Angie Romantica
Angie Romantica


Rose stocks must be protected against attacks by pests (for example, the spider mite, the flower thrips and white fly). It is amazing to see that the company utilizes primarily biological control by leveraging beneficial organisms such as predatory mites and parasitic wasp that act as natural enemies of pests.

Emma Woodhouse Rose
The Stunning Emma Woodhouse Rose from wans Roses in germany

To ensure their cut roses have optimal growth conditions, the roses do need a considerable amount of heat. The company heat the greenhouses almost exclusively with sustainable waste heat of 3 modern plants that are powered solely by renewable energy from biomass. Two of the plants are running with bio-methane, the third plant with plant oils. This to ensure that the roses have a better CO2 balance.


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