Top Three Red Roses for Christmas


In a recent conversation with our Sales Manager, Pieter, we uncovered his top three picks for Christmas roses in 2023. Although the list was shorter than expected, each selection boasts a deep, warm, luxurious, and rich red, perfect for the holiday season. If these choices don’t quite match your preferences, please explore our full collection on our website.

Our Jolly Red festive trio!

Tess (Ausyacht) – David Austin Wedding Roses

Tess is sumptuous, velvety, and regal, exuding a quiet elegance. Her perfectly formed rosettes open to reveal a small cluster of golden stamens. While Tess’s scent is light, her overall beauty remains undiminished, making her an exquisite choice for a Christmas rose.

Wanted/Hearts Roses

(Same rose, just known by two different names)

This elegant variety, Wanted, features centre petals reminiscent of the classic quatre Coeur (four hearts) pattern found in many garden rose varieties. However, its curves and clefts radiate outward like waves, creating a unique and highly romantic appearance. With a bright red hue and darker red shadows that add depth, Wanted stands out as a distinctive and beautiful red rose.

Piano Spray Roses

Piano is a classic red garden rose with a perfectly spherical shape. Distinguished by darker red petals on the outside and lighter red petals within the deep cup, Piano’s tightly overlapping petals reveal golden stamens deep within. The side shoots of this classic German variety can fill spaces between the round flowers, enhancing the overall garden aesthetic. Piano is a sister to Pink Piano and Bridal Piano.

These three red roses from Parfum Flower Company embody the essence of a deep red Christmas, offering a range of romantic and unique options for your festive celebrations. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas from our whole team. If you’d like to keep up with our 12 posts for Christmas 2023 please check out our Instagram page. This is where we reshare our most popular posts from the last year!

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