Let’s make the world a better place – Zero Waste dried garden roses


Let’s make the world a better place! Parfum Flower Company now offers dried garden roses. In the context of creating as little waste as possible, we have been testing dried garden roses. This way we don’t have to dispose of any roses at the end of the week and you’ll get to enjoy our beautiful roses for much longer.


No more plastic

We use as little packaging as possible

All our dried garden roses are sold in mixes of four bunches. We make special selections and dry these locally. After the preserving process, we wrap them in paper and put them in reusable auction buckets with the familiar Parfum Flower Company collar.

All that’s added at the end is our Zero Waste stamp, et voila!
No tape. No sleeves. No tags. No fuss. No plastic. 


Limited availability

We don’t import roses for the purpose of drying them. We only use our ‘left-overs’ at the end of the week. We’re doing this to make the world a little bit of a better place in any way we can. Disposing of flowers makes our hearts cry and we believe it’s completely unnecessary if there’s a way to give garden roses a second life.

Because of this, we have limited availability. 

Our Zero Waste dried garden roses are priced in a way that we can make them for you, and get them to you. Our main goal will always be to reduce waste.

These products will be available from December 18th, 2019 at 12 PM (CET). Ask your wholesaler to order them for you (find a wholesaler here if you’re looking for one) or go to our webshop if you have a webshop connection with us. 

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