European Autumn Rose Trends at Parfum Flower Company, our ten top garden roses.


As the vibrant hues of summer start to wane and the days grow shorter, autumn arrives in all its glory. This season brings with it a magnificent tapestry of colours, from the fiery reds to the deep golds, and a hint of nostalgia in the air. At Parfum Flower Company, we’re excited to unveil our exquisite garden rose collection that perfectly complements the European autumn rose trends. From warm caramel tones to rich reds and unique sand colours, our roses are a testament to the beauty of this season.

Our top ten Autumn roses

1. Lady Killer – Bold Red with a Lovely Fragrance

For a show-stopping burst of colour, look no further than our Lady Killer roses. Their bold red hue is impossible to ignore, and their lovely fragrance adds an extra layer of allure. These roses are perfect for making a grand statement this autumn.

2. Black Baccara – Dark Red for Dark Nights

As the nights grow longer, the Black Baccara rose takes centre stage. Its dark red petals, almost black, evoke the mystery and enchantment of autumn evenings. These roses are the embodiment of elegance and sophistication.

3. Hearts Rose – Unfolding Love in the Shape of a Heart

The Hearts rose is a symbol of love that unfurls in the shape of a heart. This unique and sentimental rose is a wonderful choice for expressing affection and adoration during this season of gratitude and love.

4. David Austin Wedding Roses – Tess

No autumn rose collection would be complete without the timeless elegance of David Austin Wedding Roses Tess, a jaw-dropping red rose, are winter favourites that add a touch of classic beauty to autumn arrangements.

5. Pimms – Golden Centres with a Touch of Red

The Pimms Two-Tone rose is a true autumn gem. Its golden centre, with delicate reddy-brown accents on the outer petals, mirrors the changing leaves of the season. It’s like holding a piece of autumn in your hand, making it an ideal choice for creating captivating autumn bouquets.

6. Toffee Roses – A Dark Caramel Delight

Picture the rich, velvety tones of dark caramel – that’s precisely what our Toffee Roses offer. Their deep, inviting hue adds warmth and sophistication to any autumn arrangement. These roses are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your fall décor.

7. Romantic Antike – A Coral Dream

Our Romantic Antike roses bring a burst of coral to the fall landscape. With hundreds of tiny petals that unfurl like the pages of a love story, these roses exude charm and romance. They are perfect for expressing the warm and affectionate feelings that autumn often inspires.

8. Sand Dune – The Unique Sand-Coloured Rose

The Sand Dune rose is a true standout with its distinctive sand-coloured petals. As the landscape takes on earthy hues, this rose adds a unique touch to your autumn floral arrangements. It’s a gentle reminder of sandy beaches and summer’s embrace.

9. Cafe Latte – Uniquely Purple-Brown Antique Beauty

Cafe Latte roses are renowned for their unusual purple-brown antique colour. They evoke the cosy feeling of sipping a warm latte on a crisp autumn morning. These roses make a bold statement in any arrangement and are sure to catch the eye.

10. Wabara Spray Roses – Loli, Sola, and Aoi

Last but most certainly not least – The Wabara Spray Roses – Loli, Sola, and Aoi – bring a sense of romanticism to your autumn floral designs. Their delicate, captivating sprays are reminiscent of fairy tales and add a whimsical touch to any bouquet.

In conclusion, the European autumn trends have found a perfect companion in our Parfum Flower Company exquisite garden rose collection. Each variety tells a story of this enchanting season, from the bold allure of red to the warm embrace of caramel. Embrace the beauty of autumn with our roses and let your floral arrangements reflect the magic of this season’s colours.

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