Have you ever been to this gem in the heart of Kiev?


We’re so thrilled, because today we’re having a sneak peek behind the scenes of probably one of the best floristry companies in eastern Europe: Fiori Company. With multiple boutiques full of the most wonderful flowers, vases and accessories they are trendsetters in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine. Lifestyle flowers, wedding arrangements and event design; is there anything they can’t do?

It doesn’t seem so! With several boutiques in Kiev and Kharkiv, and now also abroad in Kazakhstan and Austria, business is booming. We’d love to know how they managed to expand so much in only 8 years.

‘’The last 8 years weren’t always easy, but it has been an exciting journey so far.’’

Fiori Company was initially founded because of the love of flowers. But also because the owners had the ambition to create the perfect bouquet. They wanted to set themselves apart from the rest, and chose for a new concept, with best quality flowers and services. Something you didn’t already see in the Ukraine.

Trendsetting in the floral industry

Just take a look at their bouquets and you will understand why. Everything has been thought out in detail. From the selection of flowers, the choice of foliage, the material of the ribbons, to the small accessories attached. Add all these ingredients together, and you will have an utterly unique bouquet.



Aren’t these just amazing?!

Fiori Company always follows trends. Not just in the floriculture, but also in the fashion, decoration, and interior design industry. They incorporate their findings in their products and services to create something outstanding.

Fiori Company is more than just flowers

The range of their services is constantly growing and changing. Nowadays they also offer turn-key wedding and event flower arrangements and decorations. Fiori Company says that their experts are able to completely transform a place in accordance with the creative ideas they and their customers have.



This year they have completely changed the classic interiors of the boutiques. With an assortment that changes twice a year, they try to offer you more than just flowers. Take a look around in one of their boutiques and you’ll be overwhelmed by what they have to offer.



Fiori Company was the first Ukrainian flower store that brought the scented roses from Parfum Flower Company to the market. Roses are traditionally the most luxurious and popular flower in the Ukraine. With our roses they found a fantastic tool to set themselves apart from other florists.

‘’Scented roses always add something extraordinary and exquisite to any flower arrangement, especially those for bride’s bouquet, which we love to compose.’’

Want to know more about Fiori Company? Or for visit their boutiques? You can find more info on www.fiori.ua 🙂

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