Will we see you at Fleuramour?


Fleuramour 2016Close your eyes and imagine…

You walk inside a castle and are drawn to a doorway by a lovely scent that gets stronger with each step. You enter the room.

Fragrance envelops you — a complex, rose scent with hints of citrus and spice, raspberry and vanilla. A field of David Austin Wedding Roses — thousands of them — hovers in the air before you.

Colour is all you see — roses in every shade of pink, peach, blush, magenta, raspberry. There are two-toned yellow roses, white roses with a tiny touch of blush at the centre, blooms with petals that change from deep pink to light, from coral to gold.

You begin to notice their shape and texture. Some flowers are deeply cupped; others are broad and flat. One large beauty is so densely petaled it looks like white lace. The cut out edges of another suggest a charming pink ruffle.

Rising above it all are enigmatic floral creations — compelling, innovative designs that speak to you of fire and water, air and earth. You move forward to learn more…

Fleuramour 2016

A lovely piece from davidaustinweddingroses.com that exactly displays what to expect from Fleuramour, one of the largest and most prestigious floral design events in Europe. On Sept. 23-26, Alden Biesen, a 16th Century castle in Bilzen, Belgium, will be filled with a dream-like landscape of transformative floral design.

Thousands of people — both floral professionals and everyday flower lovers — will be at Fleuramour this year. The “David Austin Roses Experience,” designed by European Master Certification (EMC) students and instructors, is expected to be one of the highlights.

An event you absolutely don’t want to miss! A few of our colleagues will be present at this spectacle of flowers and would love to see you there as well. So clear you schedule next weekend and come meet us a Fleuramour! Tickets are easily available on the Fleuramour website. Will we see you there?


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