Flowering Special Moments App


We are both incredibly proud and excited to bring this new and innovative concept to you. The Flowering Special Moments App is the first of its kind in the floriculture sector. The perfect solution for busy florists and floral designers including our full garden rose collection. Therefore making wedding and event consultations a breeze with all the information needed at your fingertips.

Why develop an App?

The concept for the App came to light during a brainstorming meeting at Parfum Flower Company. Where we noted the alarming speed of changes in the way florists and wholesales operate. Moving away from face-to-face sales and towards doing all buying online. We knew the days of printed catalogues were coming to an end. Not just because of the environmental impact but it was also becoming more difficult to keep these up to date. Being leaders in our niche we needed to create something unique and ground-breaking to solve this.

Behind the scenes

We worked with the talented team at Debo Projects to build our App which has been powered by Parfum Flower Company, but we are passionate that the App is promoted in its own entity.

We plan to create a platform where florists’ and floral designers’ voices can be heard clearly and in turn, they can let us know (growers and wholesalers alike) what they need.

What’s in the App


You will find our full updated rose collection including product images, vase life, scent and best-used dates you can search for a variety by name and or colour which is very helpful when finding that perfect coloured rose.


In time we will build a community for our members where you can share hints and tips. Ideas to help floral designers and share your invaluable opinions on which roses are suited best for each occasion. We know a lot about the growing, breeding, and transporting of roses, which we will share too. But it’s the floral designers and florists who have the day-to-day experience and knowledge which can be shared and received in our flower-loving community.


Our marketing team will scour the floral world for inspirational images and work with many designers to create some stunning shots to share with our community. We’ll team up with the breeders and farms to create fabulous content with their gorgeous varieties. This will help in those moments when florists hit flower-block and just can’t begin to think of a new and innovative idea for the five thousandth baby pink wedding this year!

Gorgeous inspiration from the talented duo of Dennis Kneepkens featuring WABARA roses

To download the App please visit the website.

Please remember to download and register on the App to be able to use the App to its full potential.  

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