Hannah Gardens supplies Parfum Flower Company! 20+ new varieties in assortment!


Hannah Gardens roses

We are so happy to make the announcement that for wedding season 2018 we can supply European floral designers the boutique roses from Hannah Gardens. Hannah Gardens is a small scale specialist garden rose farm in Ecuador. Growing many beautiful garden roses from different breeders such as Meilland and Delbard.

The Hannah Gardens farm is a boutique garden rose farm where many different varieties are being produced. In very small numbers. Roses from different breeders, but a lot from The French breeder Meilland. Meilland is well known in Europe for it’s ‘Meilland Jardin & Parfum Collection‘, a collection of around 15 varieties of highly scented roses.

With names as ‘Lea Romantica’, ‘Salmanasar’, ‘Bliss Cerise’, and ‘Bridal Tiara’, we hope to enable our customers to create an extraordinary experience even better than before.

‘’At Parfum Flower Company we are super proud to be a distributor of Hannah’s garden roses in Europe,’’ says Wouter de Vries, director of Parfum Flower Company. ‘’I am very pleased that we are able to deliver such beautiful cut flowers to our customers. This farm truly connects to our vision we have to become the nr.1 luxury rose specialist in Europe. Many of the rose varieties of Hannah’s Garden are scented, and the non-scented roses ones are really special in shape and form. With names as ‘Lea Romantica’, ‘Salmanasar’, ‘Bliss Cerise’, and ‘Bridal Tiara’, we hope to enable our customers to create an extraordinary experience even better than before.’’

Parfum Flower Company has become well-known in recent years with the sale of scented and luxury roses. Classical English garden roses, French peony shaped roses and normal roses with an extraordinary scent. Most roses from Parfum Flower Company are mainly used in the world of weddings and events. ‘’Because we meet more and more demand for the French roses of Meilland it is great to be able to offer more different varieties to our floral designer customers. The smell of the French roses is generally stronger than other roses. In addition to bridal work, the are also often sold as a single rose or in a bouquet at high-end florists’’, Wouter continues. ‘’The sense of smell is something special. It records memories better than the sense of taste, vision and touch. The delicious scent of our roses in your bridal bouquet – or just at home in a vase – that’s something I know the market is waiting for.’’

Wouter de Vries: ‘’We will never compete in large volumes, or offer the roses on the flower auction. No, what we want is to enable our customers to be different. With very exclusive varieties, in small numbers. This way I believe we have a great proposition. Not only to floral designers, but also to the wholesalers by which we deliver the floral designers. And naturally, the roses of Hannah gardens are also available (when not sold out already, ) in our web shop. Which is live connected to many wholesalers and exporters by the way!”





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