Have you seen these two amazing bouquet styles?


We really need to share this with you. Simply because these creations are amazing! There are so many different bouquet styles, suitable for any occassion imaginable, but these two really popped out. The arrangements are truly unique and thanks to the bright colors they are perfect for this summer season. They are often created as wedding bouquets, but aren’t these bouquets just perfect to put in a vase in your living room as well? They will definitely brighten up the whole room 🙂

Sunflowers are pretty common in summer bouquets, but the combination with only white roses makes it truly special. You don’t see that very often. Imagine sticking your nose into that bouquet to smell some of that wonderful scent!

Summer bouquet with sunflowers, dasies and white roses!summer bouquet with sunflowers and white roses

Another trend we’ve seen often lately for this summer are bouquets with pastel colors and a vintage touch.  Sophisticated bohemian, distinctive because of the large blooms. Hot pink, purple and blush; they all mix together into a piece of stunning floral art. The loosely arranged leaves lift it up to a whole new level.

summer bouquet with pastel hues and a vintage touchsummer bouquet sophisticated bohemian with pastel colored roses

Which one of these two summer bouquet styles do you like best? I’m going with the first one! When I see that bouquet with white roses, it immediately reminds me of our rose ”Jeanne Moreau” with its ivory color and strong lemon scent. Imagine that lemony fragrance combined with sunflowers and cute little daisies, and you’re hooked!





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