Wow, what a challenge it’s been to narrow down our picks from the vast sea of talented designers out there! So, first and foremost, this article is a big shoutout to all of you incredible creators – thank you for your unique talents and for crafting such breath-taking works of art with our beloved roses. Without your creativity and skill, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and personally, I’d be lost for content! Here’s to each and every one of us on International Women’s Day 2024, embracing this year’s theme of “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.” Cheers to the power of women!

Our International Woman for 2024!

To avoid any sort of favouritism or further conflict, here are our four florists in alphabetically order. Aren’t I clever?

First up, Alina Neasca, head of Parfum Flower Company Romania

Known for her magnificent floral walls

Enchanted by the allure of luxury in all its forms, Alina stands out among event planners with her unwavering passion, extensive expertise, and impressive network. Whether orchestrating weddings, birthdays, or corporate affairs, she operates on an international scale, boasting a roster of top-tier suppliers, including Parfum Flower Company, ready to elevate any occasion to extraordinary heights. Imagine awe-inspiring moments, flawless styling, and perhaps even a touch of enchantment.

Proficient in orchestrating intricate events with the utmost discretion, Alina’s signature touch is leaving an indelible mark on events worldwide, creating captivating experiences like no other. With a wealth of experience in the weddings and events industry, she now collaborates with some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, sought after by fellow luxury event planners for her expertise and unwavering confidence. Alina has forged a strong and trusted reputation in the realm of luxury party planning, setting the standard for unforgettable celebrations.

Next up the super talented Katya Hutter

I feel like that needed a drum roll – Katya is known for letting the roses do the talking!

Katya Hutter is a floral designer based in Amsterdam specialising in creating luxury and artistic floral decors for private clients, weddings & events, and the fashion industry. Her style is lush, abundant, and surprising. Her flower arrangements are seasonal and nature-inspired, with an artistic flair. Katya is greatly inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature.

We asked Katya to share a quote with us about her favourite roses from Parfum Flower Company. “Garden roses are my passion because of their abundance, fragrance and unparalleled beauty. My work is creative and bespoke. Each design is unique and never the same. At PFC I can choose from more than 300 sorts of luxury garden roses and premium roses. It’s my to-go place in The Netherlands to source some of the most beautiful roses available on the market. My favourite garden roses include very fragrant Margaret Merril rose, David Austin Patience, Wabara Mayabi, White O’Hara with its hypnotic scent, White and Pink Majolica and Augusta Louise.”

Third, the inspiring entrepreneur Sarah from Leafy Couture

Do you know that this talented woman has now started a Leafy franchise? #goals

Since 2006, Sarah has been enchanting Yorkshire and beyond with her exquisite floral creations for weddings and events. Her talents extend beyond traditional arrangements, as she’s also curated stunning installations and hosted workshops and photoshoots for esteemed brands such as Jo Malone, Joe Browns, and Anthropologie (my personal favourites – who can resist Jo Malone?).

Drawing from her extensive training with top floral designers and creatives in both the UK and US, Sarah now imparts her expertise as a college-level tutor, nurturing both aspiring and seasoned florists. Through her Classes and Courses, she shares her knowledge, ignites inspiration, and spreads floral delight to all who attend. And excitingly, Sarah has recently launched franchises, which are rapidly gaining momentum and acclaim.

We asked Sarah for a little quote about us and our blooms and oof course, she didn’t disappoint! “We adore working with garden roses for the scent and the divine petal count. The romance of roses for weddings and events never tires. The fuller and frillier the blooms the better. My favourite scented blooms are White Ohara, Yves Piaget and Peony Pink. They are a super luxe addition to any wedding and are the cherry on the top for any arrangement. We love using them in gift bouquets too. The first thing people do is go to smell the roses and so it’s always a delight to see their faces when they realise, they smell divine.”

The sensational Shallima from Lottas Floral Design

Who’s from Colombia with an insatiable appetite for life and flowers!

Drawing from over a decade of immersed floral research and meticulous composition, Shallima Turizo stands as both a seasoned designer and a fervent advocate for new breeder varieties. Her commitment to innovation and excellence places her at the forefront of the industry, blending natural beauty with limitless creativity.

From luxurious designs to unconventional compositions, Shallima sets a standard of craftsmanship that transcends tradition. Each masterpiece reflects her ability to capture the essence and personality of her clients, from intimate gatherings to grand corporate events.

As a pioneer of new breeder varieties, Shallima introduces fresh floral options that elevate every design. Her passion for exploration and experimentation creates visual experiences that delight the senses and inspire imagination. Balancing social and corporate realms, Shallima ensures personalized attention and exceptional quality for every client. Her adaptability guarantees unforgettable events, from intimate weddings to prestigious business conferences.

Through her artistry, Shallima not only creates beauty but fosters enduring connections. Her commitment to excellence and innovation cements her as one of Colombia’s most respected floral designers.

Sneaking in a little late but far too fabulous to be left off is Steph from Fairnuffflowers

Steph is totally obsessed with beautiful ruffly blooms!

Steph Turpin first fell in love with flowers when she was five years old, in her grandma’s garden. Full of sweet peas, hydrangea, and the most incredible scented roses. Grandma’s garden was bliss for a young girl with a dream to be a florist.

After an unexpected diversion in to sports journalism and working for the BBC. Steph found her way back to her love of flowers. Nearly twenty years ago, she bought a pretty little 17th century shop in Surrey, and turned it in to an even prettier flower shop!

Now focusing solely on weddings and events, Steph has built a reputation for creating bouquets and arrangements absolutely stuffed to bursting with the most beautiful blooms. 

Her love of ruffly flowers, especially beautiful garden roses, is well known to the 150k+ people who follow her flowery journey on Instagram, and to those brides looking for something magical on their big day. 

We asked Steph for a quote about Parfum Flower Company and she’s made us blush with her kind words. “We travel far and wide to flower pretty weddings. And it’s always a delight when I can work with garden roses from the Parfum Flower Company, to fulfil my brides’ dreams. There really is nothing better than a gorgeous bouquet of wonderfully scented flowers. Especially my favourites, White O’Hara – one of the best smelling roses ever! The scent is always one of the first things that my brides remark on after their big day! You also can’t go wrong with a bundle of of David Austin roses. Bring on all those petals!”

Happy International Women’s Day 2024 – here’s to us all!

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