Jacques Coolen- Smelling roses like tasting wine


Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen -

Smelling roses like tasting wine!

Smelling roses, that is what Jacques Coolen did when visiting Tambuzi. (Tambuzi is the farm in Kenya where a lot of scented garden roses are being produced, you can read more about Tambuzi here).

From Jacques Coolen’s website:

Have you noticed that cut flowers don’t have that magical scent anymore? Unfortunately, the scent aspect doesn’t play a role anymore when we grow cut flowers. Many people have several associations with the scents of flowers and plants. The memorable scent from the past, grandma’s garden with freshly picked lily of the valleys, smelling roses, mowed grass brings back beautiful memories.

Reading this you understand why we are so happy to have Jacques visiting Tambuzi and smelling roses. Tambuzi is thé place to stop and smell the roses! Jacques believes that natural scent is very important, more than we actually realise;

If everybody could be aware of their nose again there would be a bigger interest for natural flowers and plant scents. An increasing interest for natural scented plant material could lead to plant growers concentrating more on the scents of flowers. They could try using the right methods to get the flowers to smell better again.

Fortunately that is exactly what some breeders like David Austin, Meilland and Delbard do to give extra value to the flowers. Many varieties of these breeders are  created because of the looks of the rose, but also because of the fragrance. And did you know that scent makes a better memory than all of the other senses? It is so important!

Below you’ll find some varieties ’tasted’ by Jacques Coolen. Tip: take time to read the scent description (read slowly!) so you can really sense what Jacques means. Hope you enjoy it!

Beatrice (David Austin):

Pastel balloons symbol for festivities, complimented with the odour of  kautschuk rubber and custard.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Beatrice

Carey (David Austin):

A Lipstick coloured rose, giant appearance, with a characteristic scent of a fruity lolly pop.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Carey

Edith (David Austin):

A giant cup-shaped rose, spreading aromatic, creamy, mild sweet Vanilla scent.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Edith

Jeanne Moreau (Meilland):

A breeze of exotic ripe banana, in harmony with lemon, and a heart of basil.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Jeanne Moreau

Keira (David Austin):

A creamy warm scent, mixed with Bourbon Vanilla.

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Keira

Miranda (David Austin):

Big performance represents the fragrance of the Geranium Pelargonium graveolens.

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Miranda

Rosalind (David Austin):

A subtly coloured rosette, with impressions of freshly squeezed green tea leaves, and soft raspberry fruit.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Rosalind

Toulouse Lautrec (Meilland):

Delicately creamy fragrance like Bourbon Vanille.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Toulouse Lautrec

Lolita Lempicka (Meilland):

Unique fragrance of Geranium, and smell of tead.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Lolita Lempicka

Alina Perfumella (Meilland):

The smell of Freshly laundered sheets, with a dash of Lathyrus flowers.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Alina Perfumella

Belles Rives (Meilland):

Green Conifer, and a floral second impression.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Belles Rives

White O’Hara (Delbard):

A distinctive heady fresh fragrance of Geranium.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - White O'Hara

Pink O’Hara (Delbard):

a strong fresh scent, of ripe abricots.”

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen - Pink O'Hara

Of course we have many more varieties. You can find them all on our assortment page. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for daily updates! If you want to order our roses or have any questions, just send us an email at [email protected] ?

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