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Jex & Nine Prince Jardinier testing flowers

Who is Jex & Nine

Hi there!

First let me introduce myself; I am Jack from  Jex & Nine. Jex & Nine is a blogging couple from the Netherlands with one big shared passion; flowers! We love to write and post about the beautiful world of flowers on our social media accounts and our blog. And also about the companies behind the flowers. Companies with the same shared passion.
It’s our goal to keep our followers (or flower friends, as we like to call them) up to date about the flower business. We try to do this by showing new introductions of flowers, testing them. And keep our eyes open in general on the floriculture business.

Lot’s of roses but nothing like the scented garden roses

For our platforms we receive a lot of roses from a lot of different growers. But when we received roses from the Parfum Flower Company we immediately noticed two major differences with the roses from other growers;

  • The first difference is the careful way of packaging, you can see the growers do everything to protect the roses from damages.
  • But the biggest and most important difference is the fragrance!

Although we have a lot of different varieties of roses at home every week it’s a long time ago since we had some roses with any kind of scent at all!

Growers underestimate the importance of the scent of a flower

Of course, a rose has to be visual attractive. But I think growers underestimate the value of the fragrance nowadays. The nice fragrances made us so happy every time we entered the room! At last we had roses with scent! It made me think about when I was young, smelling that old fashioned rose fragrance again. Like back when in my grandmother’s garden.

Now the big question is; do they look as nice as they smell?!

The four varieties we love to share with you are:

  • Prince Jardinier
  • Peony Pink
  • Yves Piaget
  • David Austin Keira

We took some pictures right after we received the roses and later on the flowering period. So we can compare them during the week.

The test

After we carefully unwrapped them, we took the first shots and you can clearly see how the growers handled them with the utmost care. We experienced no broken buds. Nor any petals with spots on it or any other damages. On day 4 we took pictures again and we were totally amazed, we never expected these roses to grow this big so fast!
The flower buds of these four varieties weren’t this big at all when we received them, but after a couple of days they popped open and starting to grow. At day one they surprised us with their fragrance at day 4 they surprised us with their size, will they surprise us another time during the week?
Oh yes! They did! On day 10!

We did expect the roses to have some kind of scent but we didn’t expect them to fill up an entire room with their lovely strong fragrance.
We did expect the roses to open up but we didn’t expect them to grow this big and open up so widely!
And we did expect the roses to stay beautiful for a week or so but we didn’t expect them to have a vase life of 10-14 days!
It’s obvious we would choose for the lovely scented roses from the Parfum Flower Company every time we could, the expectations were high but they delivered! The roses were even better than we ever could have imagined.


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