Layar on Parfum Flower Company packaging


Layar on Parfum Flower Company packaging


Aalsmeer, July 12, 2016

Parfum Flower Company is the first in the floriculture with an application of Layar on its packaging

Parfum Flower Company in Aalsmeer is the first in the floriculture using Layar. The logo on all packages of Parfum Flower Company can be scanned with the Layar app.

Layar with roses

Layar is a Dutch company and was one of the first Augmented Reality apps

Augmented Reality is the use of the screen of your mobile device to see ‘more’ of the world. By focusing your phone or tablet on a picture you can see more than the picture itself. A movie or an image that comes to life for example. The phone’s camera shows the reality, then the Layar app “projects” a different picture on top of it. The app is easy to download on your phone or tablet.

When the logo of the Parfum Flower Company on their packages is scanned, the Layar app shows a video over it. The video shows how the flowers should be handled on arrival at the flower shop.

Sleeve with Layar application
When you scan the top of the logo with the Layar application, the flower care video starts

“This app helps us to tell our story”

“A nice application for our customers,” says Wouter de Vries from Parfum Flower Company. “This app helps us tell the story of our roses. Our roses are not standard and really need special treatment. Each florist who receives our roses can now quickly and easily find out more about our roses and learn more on how to handle them.”

Parfum Flower Company was founded 5 years ago and specializes in delicate roses; David Austin Roses and other classical garden roses. A large part of the range consists of fragrant roses. Because the direct customers of Parfum Flower Company (wholesalers and exporters) do not stock the roses, informing about the availability and handling of the roses among florists is very important for Parfum Flower Company. The marketeers of the company find the Layar app a helpful tool to reach this objective.

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