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Keven Muller in Rotterdam

Keven Muller, creative director from “Mullers Floral Art” in Rotterdam is a passionate man.Keven Muller
“Doing different things is what makes me passionate. From business contracts to larger corporate events, to smaller private events such as weddings, I love the variety in my work. You can say my decorations have a classic look, sometimes with a twist. Each assignment is a brand new one to me and I see it as an opportunity to challenge myself. I believe that this is essential to be (-and stay) passionate.”

Keven Muller: “I think it’s important that my work fits the needs of my clients. My clientele is very divers. In my world there is no standard bridal bouquet. It doesn’t exists, just as a standard client doesn’t. Our assignments vary from corporate events, weddings to home styling and decoration. We are specialized in customized solutions. So whether it is the Royal Suite in a reputable hotel, a decorations for our Royals, or a private wedding, my floral concepts have to complement the surroundings. It needs to have the right look & feel. When I think of my floral decorations, I think of beautiful textures, the right colors, guts. A beating heart, filled with passion and love. This is where I want Muller Floral Art to stand for.

Keven likes David Austin roses, other garden roses and Damasque Roses a lot, and you can often see them in her decorations. In the pictures below you can see a Private Wedding at the “Chateau Neercanne” near the city of Maastricht at the Dutch-Belgium border.

Pictures by : Alexandra Vonk Photography

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