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Neill Strain Floral Couture London

Neill StrainNeill Strain is the proud owner of The Flower Lounge, a high-end boutique in one of London’s most expensive areas; Belgravia. In The Flower Lounge Neill and his team showcase their exceptional range of flowers, plants and designs, including hand-tied bouquets in varying sizes and floral arrangements ranging from petit couture to large installations.
Seasonal, tropical and all-year-round flowers are displayed to inspire; bouquets are impeccably packaged and ready-to-go; plants are arranged in gorgeous containers; floral arrangements in exquisite ceramics or glass. And if you have another idea in mind, have a chat with Neill or one of his team members over a cup of tea to commission something completely unique.

”For as long as I can remember I have loved flowers.  From the bunch of tulips hastily snatched from the neighbor’s garden for my mum after school, to the ambitious and grandiose rose and lily laden projects I embarked upon for my first love – I’ve always been infatuated.”

Neill has pursued his passion across the world, studying it to the highest international levels. And in return it has won him awards and accolades, compliments and kisses. He has used flowers to mark the big events in so many people’s lives; births and christenings, courtship and marriage, love and loss.
To create living art and evoke emotions in people’s lives is an extraordinary way to make a living, according to Neill. ”And before you ask, no I don’t have a favorite flower.  It would be almost impossible, not to mention terribly unappreciative to single out one from such a sensuous and beautiful Neill Straincollection.”

What he does love is visiting the growers in Holland and discovering rare, new and/or exceptionally beautiful varieties and bringing them back to Belgravia, working with them in seasonal designs, to the delight of his clients.

This is how we got acquainted with Neill Strain. Neill says that finding scented roses is almost impossible these days. This is because for many decades the rose breeders have purposely removed the scent in favor of extending the vase life of commercially grown cut roses.

That’s how Neill Strain became our first Damasque ambassador in the UK. At the Tambuzi farm in Kenya the best roses are selected for his boutique. After picking and conditioning, the roses are sent directly to him and they arrive in Belgravia the following day so they are very fresh.  Scented roses are rare, delicate and their sublime fragrances mean a shorter vase life of about 4 days.  Every Friday he receives different varieties of our “Damasque Roses” and their exquisite beauty and divine fragrances are guaranteed to last the weekend and fill the homes of his customers with romance.

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