New amazing varieties of spray roses available!


We are very happy to announce that we have added a couple of beautiful varieties of spray roses to our collection! Spray roses are typically smaller than classic roses, but we have found a few varieties with amazing large blooms. The smaller spray roses are perfect for wrist corsages, centerpieces and other small scale arrangements. But you can also combine them with other roses, flowers and greenery in bigger bouquets for a thick and lush appearance. The larger spray roses in our collection are just as big as most of our classic roses, and thus very suitable for any floral design, arrangement or bouquet.

We just received two gorgeous varieties of spray roses from Dick van Alderden of This company was established in 1924 and is still a family business. They have grown many types of flowers and plants throughout the years, such as carnations, dahlias, tulips and lilies. Nowadays they also have a beautiful exclusive collection of truly unique roses.

Two of the varieties that can be ordered at Parfum Flower Company as of today are;

Premium SprSpray Roses Purple Symphonicaay Rose Purple Symphonica

An abundance of small buds that open to wonderful small lavender colored roses. Almost all of them!

The intriguing color symbolizes enchanting beauty, regal mystery and classic elegance.

This light purple spray rose is often used for bridal bouquets and wedding decorations.





Spray Rose Romantik AntikPremium Garden Spray Rose Romantic Antike

The name says it all; a very romantic peach colored spray rose with a rustic look.

Some buds stay small and mostly closed,  while others bloom into delightfully medium-sized roses with neatly folded petals. The Romantic Antike also has a delicious, but very light fruity scent.

This rose is perfect for lush wedding bouquets and centerpieces, and due to its color, especially suitable for blush and beach wedding themes.




Freiland Spray rose gardens

We have also added a few varieties from Hoefman Bloo’m to our collection. Henri and Joke Wentik from Hoefman Bloo’m are the only growesr in the Netherland who grow Freiland roses from the Kordes and Tantau family. These roses originate from Germany. The Freiland roses grow outside in the open air (or under a plastic tunnel) in beautiful rose gardens. This gives the rose its unique appearance and colors. Freiland roses have much more intense hues than greenhouse-grown roses.

The roses stand in rows, wide apart, on the lands, making the crop dry faster and keeping them naturally healthy. A hedge arises which continues to grow new stems.

Because the roses are grown outside, it is rightfully called a seasonal product. The first cut is usually in late May followed by a next cut 6 to 7 weeks later, and if lucky, even another one. The spring and summer determine how and when the roses are ready to be cut. On average, the roses can be cut 100 days a year.


Spray Roses AshleyPremium Garden Spray Rose Ashley

The Premium Scented Spray Rose Ashley is a wonderfully pretty and romantic rose, with an overall effect of soft pink.
Ashley’s lovely mix of rose pink to blush tones within the blossom adds to the charm and natural garden feel.

Ashley opens to a gorgeous almost flat rosette and holds really well in a fully open form. A great performer with medium-long vase life. It also has a beautiful, light fruity fragrance.

Remarkable for this spray rose are its giant blooms with many ruffled petals. Ashley has a lot of similarities with the David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda.



Premium Scented Spray Rose Sweet Donna SummerfieldPremium Scented Spray Rose Sweet Donna Summerfield

The hues of this gorgeous rose are simply amazing! From almost white at its center to hot pink on the ends of the petals. Like an enormous scoop of strawberry ice cream, it’s hard to resist.

Besides the great shape, the Spray Rose Sweet Donna Summerfield also has a fantastic fresh and fruity scent.

These spray roses would look wonderful in any bouquet, or just as a eye-catching “mono-floral” bouquet of only Sweet Donna Summerfield Spray Roses in a nice vase.



These new varieties of spray roses will be available in our webshop shortly. However, if you want to order them right away, just send us an email at [email protected]. We’re happy to help! 

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