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Thierry Boutemy florist brusselsThierry Boutemy is a Belgian floral artist. He studied at the ”ancient French school” and has a beautiful showroom in the center of Brussels. Nowadays, his works are sold all over the world.

His life took a positive turn after his floral works for the film Marie Antoinette. After an encounter with Sofia Coppola in his boutique, the famous director chose him for making all the floral decorations for the film. Leading actress Kirsten Dunst’s stunning hairdo was created by Thierry Boutemy himself. And after his works for the film, Sofia Coppola asked him to do her wedding as well. Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, with floral creations from Thierry Boutemy

The Frenchman is a concept in the flower industry. In his shop in Brussels you can see that spontaneity back in his poetic bouquets. His credo? Focusing on seasonal flowers and special plants from local growers.

I love writing poetry with flowers and evoke emotions with a minimum of means.

He has done countless projects for events, weddings, art and fashion. Not long ago he worked at the cover of the most famous fashion magazine in the world, Vogue USA, where Lady Gaga modelled among Boutemy’s flowers.

His endeavour is carried by his ingenuity and spontaneous creativity he picked up during his bucolic childhood that is still shown in his productions. When Thierry is not in his shop, you can find him at the Dutch flower market or at home, surrounded by his family, nature and silence. Because what he wants most is a simple life, close to nature, doing the things he loves.

Scented roses for Thierry BoutemyBouquets by Thierry BoutemyThierry Boutemy Brussels

You can find more of his works on www.thierryboutemy.com

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