Say yes to the flower! – When love for flowers and weddings come together




I am a true flower fan and I have been working in the flower industry for over 10 years now! Of which 8 years at OZ Export. OZ Export is a leading full-service company that is specialized in cut flowers. We have customers all over the world, but we mainly supply importing wholesalers, cash & carry centers and large retailers throughout Europe. Together with my co-workers, I am responsible for the sales in Poland.

The most important thing you’ll need to know about me is, I am a real flower lover! Besides being an account manager, I am also one of the lucky flower consultants at OZ Export. I advise and help our customers with their wedding and special events projects, we deliver thousands of breathtaking wedding flowers to Poland.


Two years ago OZ Export created a special project for florists and floral designers who are active in the wedding and event industry. This project is called ‘Say Yes To The Flower!’. We started this project, because I saw many florists struggle to get their hands on garden roses and many other exclusive cut flowers. I thought to myself; ‘Isn’t that just crazy?!’ Then immediately, the next question came to mind; ‘How can we help?’ Back at the office, me and my OZ-colleagues searched for a solution. That’s when ‘Say Yes To The Flower!’ was born!


If you like to know more about me, about my work or do you wish for more advise on wedding flowers? Check out the new edition of ‘Bridelle’, which will be out in May!


During the last two years I have helped many florists find the right flowers to match their specific orders. The more florists we help, the more florists get to know me and the company. When we get a special request by a florist, we always contact one of our wholesale customers and match them together. This way they see and experience that OZ Export not only helps delivering the flowers, but also offers an extra service by advising the customers in selecting the flowers.

Because of social media, words spread quickly and I’m known as a ‘flower consultant’ among the florists and floral designers in Poland. I must admit I’m very honored for having this title. I’m proud of all the responsibilities that come along with it. As a flower consultant, I am constantly on the hunt for new delightful flower varieties and I like to test these in combination with classic beauties. ‘The cherry on the cake’ is my collaboration with some of the best and most famous wedding planners and florists in Poland.


Of course I love all the beautiful flowers in the world, but the ones I love the most are scented flowers. That’s why garden roses are one of my definite favorites. I’m absolutely in love with David Austin’s rose called Tess. The shape, the color… I just love everything about this amazing rose!


I am really impressed by the broad assortment of Parfum Flower Company. For example I recently tested Bridesmaid and Salmanasar.


Are you a florist, floral designer, wedding planner or do you have a wholesale company in Poland? Don’t hesitate to contact me! We’ll make sure your flowers will arrive in perfect condition. That’s my job as a flower consultant at OZ Export.

‘Say Yes To The Flower’ in three simple steps:

1. Choose your dream flowers, for example David Austin Tess by Parfum Flower Company.

2. OZ Export will pack the flowers with some tender love and care and we’ll deliver your flowers to your local supplier.

3. You create the magic!

It’s the perfect solution for wholesalers, florists and floral designers!


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