20 bouquets with the David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet

The David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet was the first of David Austin’s Cut Roses to be released and is sometimes known as the ‘£3 million rose’. After over fifteen years of intensive breeding, Juliet combines the beautiful cupped rosette form of old roses with a very contemporary color. The unusual and sophisticated color of the […]

17 amazing wedding hairstyles with flowers

Whether you’re getting married, participating as a bridesmaid or simply a guest at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles with roses for you. Roses are timeless products and will match with most wedding themes. Roses are romantic, give you a natural look and maybe best of all; you can combine your […]

35 inspiring ideas for a blush wedding

With all the wedding trends that come and go every year, there are only few trends we can call timeless. One of those is a blush themed wedding day. The options are endless and because of the romantic coloring, it will never be out of fashion. With blush colors you can create a fairytale-like ambience. […]

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