Have you seen the new variety of the David Austin Wedding Roses?

Creating a new rose is a combination of art and science and improves with experience. David Austin has dedicated his life to creating beautiful scented roses. Born in 1926 he still works virtually full time today. The art is in the decision-making process of choosing which varieties to cross. We do this by looking at […]

A visit to Wans Roses, a very special rose grower

Roses from Wans

Sometimes you come across something so special, you are even more happy to work with roses. This time it was Wans Roses in Germany. Knowing the roses, -we had already received some shipments of a few buckets-, we decided it was time to visit Wans Roses, a very special rose grower in Straelen, as small […]

Where do the most wonderful scented roses come from?

Searching for the perfect scented roses

Last week we visited Meilland in southern France, a breeder of wonderful scented roses When you are looking at breeders to find the next generation of beautiful scented roses, it is always amazing to see how roses are being bred and selected. It’s a game of numbers. Cross breeding varieties and developing many new brothers […]

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