The top 5 David Austin Wedding Roses


David Austin Wedding Roses are dedicated to creating beautiful fragrant roses to help you celebrate your wedding or important event.

No flower can match the romantic appeal of a David Austin Wedding Rose. Blooms start as closed buds to reveal amazing many petalled flowers of exquisite beauty. The blooms are known for their layers and layers of ruffled petals that make them stand out from standard roses. Add to this wonderful fragrances and you create a memory that lasts forever.

David Austin started with a vision in the late 1940’s with the aim of creating a more beautiful rose. Initially he worked on creating roses to be enjoyed in the garden. Inspired by appreciation of this work he set about creating beautiful fragrant rose to be used in the home and for special occasions.

Today we have listed our top 5 David Austin Wedding Roses for you. These roses are sold all around the world for weddings, events and other special occasions.


David Austin Wedding Rose Beatrice5. David Austin Wedding Rose ‘Beatrice’

The glorious BEATRICE rose is David Austin’s first yellow cut rose. With its rich coloring and delightful scent it is ideal for summer weddings and events.

The David Austin Wedding Rose Beatrice is a buttermilk/creamy/yellow colored, full-cupped rose, with a frilly edge to its petals. It starts light, while the center is a deeper yellow. They begin as ruffled cups, opening to classic rosettes; the many petals radiating from the center of each bloom in a loose swirl, creating a natural garden rose appearance.

The scent of the David Austin Wedding Rose Beatrice has a soft and warm honey bass-note, developing into a fruity apricot scent with a hint of myrrh.

Like many true garden roses, the David Austin Wedding Rose Beatrice has differing colorations. Sometimes it is pure, clear yellow, with paler outer petals. At other times of the year, it is almost two-toned with a dark, almost apricot core and lighter, yellow exterior petals.



David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda Cottage Garden Bouquet4. David Austin Wedding Rose ‘Miranda’

The David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda was part of the second generation of David Austin’s Cut Roses and remains very popular today for weddings and events. This rose is remarkable for the giant blooms, made up of approximately 120 wavy petals, perfectly arranged to form beautiful, almost flat rosettes.

When fully open, the heart of the David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda is a pure rose pink, while the outer petals pale to the softest shade of pink.

At the bud stage, the outer petals can be seen to have a lovely streaked green effect, which adds to the garden style, creating a look reminiscent of a parrot tulip. These outer petals gradually turn back and are hidden as the blooms open.

David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda has a delicate fruity fragrance.



David Austin Wedding Rose Patience3. David Austin Wedding Rose ‘Patience’

The David Austin Wedding Rose Patience is a delightful buttermilk rose with ruffled petals reminiscent of fine lace. The creamy yellow buds gradually open out fully to form flat, medium-sized rosettes.

The many frilled petals are beautifully arranged around a classic button eye. There are approximately 165 small petals packed into each bloom of the David Austin Wedding rose Patience.

There is a fresh old rose fragrance with elements of fruit, lilac and myrrh. The fragrance is medium-strong at first, but softens as the blooms age, later developing lemony notes.

The romantic color helps to make the David Austin Wedding Rose Patience a highly desirable wedding flower. Depending on how they are styled, these versatile, creamy white blooms can bring a traditional old-world character to floral designs. In more contemporary interpretations, ‘Patience’ has a natural radiance, freshness and charm. Patience is one of the seven heavenly virtues.



David Austin Wedding Rose Keira2. David Austin Wedding Rose ‘Keira’

The Stunning David Austin Wedding Rose Keira has natural charm and glorious, vintage-style blooms. This unusual rose breaks all the normal rules for the cut flower industry, because each rose is subtly different in color, being a beautiful blend of blush pink and cream, often with warm peachy highlights. Some blooms have an irregular flush of pink that highlights the edge of the outer petals, creating a very soft picotee effect. We think that this variation adds to the natural charm of the rose.

The flowers of the David Austin Wedding Rose Keira are beautiful at all stages: the small, plump buds opening into glorious, rounded young blooms that eventually form spectacular cupped rosettes, each with around 100 petals. The edges of the outer petals have an attractive, lightly waved effect. There is a medium-strong rose fragrance.

This David Austin Wedding Rose Keira, perhaps more than any other, looks like it has been freshly cut from the garden. This makes it particularly effective when combined with seasonal flowers, herbs and foliage for a romantic, garden-inspired look.

The name ‘Keira’ is a charming variation on the ancient Gaelic ‘Ciara’.



David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet2. David Austin Wedding Rose ‘Juliet’

The David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet was the first of David Austin’s Cut Roses to be released and is sometimes known as the ‘£3 million rose’. After over fifteen years of intensive breeding, Juliet combines the beautiful cupped rosette form of old roses with a very contemporary color.

The unusual and sophisticated color of the David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet was not found in roses of the past and is hard to find among modern roses. Pale peach buds open to reveal deeper inner tones neatly arranged within the heart of the bloom. Beautifully cupped rosettes are held elegantly upright on strong stems. Juliet deserves its place as our most popular variety. A light fragrance reminiscent of snowdrop and daffodil.The David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet has the lightest fragrance of our cut roses.

Despite this, it is always one of the most popular of our cut roses for weddings, commemorations, events and special occasions.

The large, elegant blooms made Juliet utterly different from most other contemporary cut roses. When fully open, the blooms reveal many neatly-arranged petals nestling in folds within the heart of the bloom.



Of course we have more David Austin Wedding Roses. You can find them all right here. But besides David Austin Roses, we have a very versatile collection of scented roses that will fit any occasion. Which one is your favorite?

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