Westminster Abbey Garden Rose with all-year-round availability


We are over the moon to announce that we can supply Westminster Abbey all year round and in large volumes from Alexandra Farms. We hope you take inspiration from this beautiful and timeless rose, whose romance and elegance mirror the building she was named after.

Named after one of the most famous churches in the world 

There can be no grander, yet quintessentially British venue than Westminster Abbey. It epitomises tradition and grandeur while remaining beautiful to view against the London skyline.

And this is how we feel about the Westminster Abbey Garden Rose, with her unique subtle hues mirroring the stone of the exterior of its namesake. If you want to capture the romance and history of such a venue and the love stories that have unfolded within it, then the Westminster Abbey Garden Rose would be the perfect addition to your wedding bouquet especially as she is now available all year round.

The romantic history of Westminster Abbey

The more you get to know this rose, the more you will love her and understand why she is worthy of the name of Westminster Abbey. Did you know that 30,000 flowers lined the church on the day of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were married and that Kate Middleton chose every single bloom for her wedding due to its significance in meaning?

Imagine explaining that you chose the Westminster Abbey Garden Rose because of her link to this historical building that has hosted 16 royal weddings since 1100; a romantic history and backstory if ever there was one!

Her soft brown-beige colouring will complement any bouquet, and her fragrance is divine. The size of her flowerheads makes her a perfect choice for wedding bouquets.

The colour of this exquisite rose also means she blends herself to weddings throughout the year, with her soft, subtle hues perfect across the winter season and into spring. But she also works in the height of summer when you want an understated elegance and beauty to really set off your wedding flowers.

Westminster Abbey roses isn’t just a wedding rose

We have focussed on the beautiful qualities of the Westminster Abbey Garden Rose as a wedding flower, but with a vase life of 10-12 days, she also lends herself to use in vase arrangements or gift bouquets, allowing the lucky recipient to enjoy the ruffled petals and elegant scent for days on end. Click here to learn where to buy Westminster Abbey Rose.


We hope you enjoyed this read! Be back soon, with some more interesting floral fun.


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