Wouter’s top 3 scented roses


Here at Parfum Flower Company in Aalsmeer, the heart of the worldwide floral industry, we see thousands and thousands of roses passing by everyday (We know, we have the best jobs in the world ? ).
We can’t help but have our favorite scented roses. Of course, it’s hard to pick one or two, so we all needed some time to think of our favorite ones. As a result, we’re going to discuss Wouter’s – our managing director – favorite scented roses today.

Meilland Jardin & Parfum Rose Princesse Charlene de MonacoMeilland Jardin & Parfum Rose ‘Princesse Charlene de Monaco’

The Rose Princess Charlene of Monaco offers superb gradient pastels in delicate, salmon-pink. It is a great rose with surprisingly few petals.

It has a beautiful, sweet and fruity fragrance. The rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is a remarkable rose and holds well in a fully open form. A great performer with medium-long vase life.

The Rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is wonderful for flower arrangements, bridal bouquets and blush weddings. Or just as a eye-catching “mono-floral” bouquet of only Princesse Charlene de Monaco roses in a nice vase.

The garden rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is magical in the hands of floral designers.

  • Shape : ROMANTICA®
  • Color : Salmon-Pink-Ochre
  • Petals Count : 68-71
  • Diameter : 11-14 cm
  • Fragrance : gentle, soft, old rose
  • Vase Life : 6-8 days
  • Breeder : Meilland
  • Plant name : Meidysouk



Meilland Jardin & Parfum rose Yves PiagetMeilland Jardin & Parfum Rose ‘Yves Piaget’

The diva of the Piaget family, the Yves Piaget rose, once seen is never forgotten. This gloriously strong scented rose with a hint of sunny citrus has an average of 80 layers of petals, with a bright to light pink color. Like an enormous scoop of strawberry ice cream, it’s hard to resist.

The Yves Piaget Rose is bred in France and introduced in 1985. The large-flowered Yves Piaget Rose is sometimes known as ‘Queen Adelaide.’ This award-winner is known for its sweet scent and large, full-petaled, pink blossoms reminiscent of the old garden roses grown during English Queen Adelaide’s reign in the nineteenth century.

Named for the famous Swiss clock maker who makes the trophy for the best rose in the Geneva rose competition. Perfectly combines old-fashioned form, strong color and rich fragrance.

  • Shape : Romantica®
  • Color : Deep Pink-Cerise
  • Petals Count : 80
  • Diameter : 12 cm
  • Fragrance : Strong Citrus scent
  • Vase Life : 7 days
  • Breeder : Meilland
  • Plant name : Meivildo


Meilland Jardin & Parfum rose Prince JardinierMeilland Jardin & Parfum Rose ‘Prince Jardinier’

Prince Jardinier garden roses are very light pink and ultra-romantic scented roses that can open up to an almost saucer shaped bloom. These are very open, soft and swirly roses and petals open wide enough to expose the center pollen. Prince Jardinier garden roses have the swirled velvet petal structure typical of garden roses as well as a particularly romantic feel.

The rose Prince Jardinier is named after the prince Louis Albert de Broglie, a member of one of France’s top aristocratic families. Louis Albert is known for his love for gardening, especially growing tomatoes, hence the name Le Prince Jardinier (The Gardener Prince).

These roses are an overall soft to very pale light ballet pink shade. Garden rose flowers are a classic and elegant look for beautiful brides and make sophisticated wedding bouquets, boutonnieres or any arrangements.

  • Shape : ®
  • Color : Soft Pink
  • Petals Count : 60
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : sweet and strong
  • Vase Life : 5-7 days
  • Breeder : Meilland
  • Plant name : Meitroni


If you are interested in having these wonderful scented roses in your flower shop, for special events or for your own wedding, don’t hesitate and send an email to [email protected]. We’re happy to help you!


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