15 wedding cakes with roses that will water your mouth.

Bridal cake inspiration with garden roses from the Parfum Flower Company

The history of the wedding cake dates back to Ancient Rome when the groom would break a loaf of bread over his bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. Today, bread crumbs aside, wedding cakes have become a staple element, and quite the treat, during wedding ceremonies and receptions. Scroll to view a few […]

20 great ideas for a pink/navy wedding

Pink Navy Wedding Inspiration with garden roses

The wedding season has started. And new season means new trends. But there are so many of them! One we really love in particular is the pink/navy wedding color trend. This color combination absolutely intertwines the bride and groom aspect of the wedding. We see a lot of combinations of deep dark navy with light […]

Toulouse Lautrec Roses – a story behind the rose

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in his studio

A fantastic yellow garden rose; The yellow Toulouse Lautrec roses are awesome. If your customers are looking for a beautiful yellow fragrant rose, then Toulouse Lautrec roses are the best choice! Toulouse Lautrec Roses a fantastic yellow scented garden rose Toulouse Lautrec roses come from the romantica series of the famous French breeder Meilland. If […]

Jeanne Moreau Roses – a story behind the rose

Jeanne Moreau in the movie elevator to the gallows

An exceptional rose for a grand lady of French cinema; The white Jeanne Moreau roses are one of the newest hot items at Parfum Flower Company. If your customers are looking for a beautiful white fragrant rose, then Jeanne Moreau roses are the best choice! Jeanne Moreau Roses a great white fragrant garden rose The […]

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