Jacques Coolen- Smelling roses like tasting wine

Smelling roses by Jacques Coolen -

Smelling roses like tasting wine! Smelling roses, that is what Jacques Coolen did when visiting Tambuzi. (Tambuzi is the farm in Kenya where a lot of scented garden roses are being produced, you can read more about Tambuzi here). From Jacques Coolen’s website: Have you noticed that cut flowers don’t have that magical scent anymore? […]

Top 10 roses of 2017

2017 is a wrap! It has been an exciting year for us and we hope to continue this with all of you in 2018. And what better way to start the new year than with a little recap of the previous one? We collected all our data of 2017 and that resulted in the top […]

30 inspiring ideas for a white wedding

Worldwide, the color white has been associated with weddings and other significant life or spiritual events for millennia. In ancient Greece, white was the color of bridal joy, and brides not only wore white dresses and white flowers, but they also painted their bodies white. In China, it was the color of purity and perfection, and […]

Have you seen the new variety of the David Austin Wedding Roses?

Creating a new rose is a combination of art and science and improves with experience. David Austin has dedicated his life to creating beautiful scented roses. Born in 1926 he still works virtually full time today. The art is in the decision-making process of choosing which varieties to cross. We do this by looking at […]

The top 5 Meilland Jardin & Parfum Roses

We recently wrote an article about the top 5 David Austin Wedding Roses, but besides the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection a selection of 14 amazing scented roses from the house of Meilland can be found in our assortment. Meilland’s scented roses originate from France and come in many different shapes. We are very proud to have […]

Arnold’s favorite scented roses

Here at Parfum Flower Company in Aalsmeer, the heart of the worldwide floral industry, we see thousands and thousands of roses passing by everyday (We know, we have the best jobs in the world 😉 ). We can’t help but have our favorite roses. Of course, it’s hard to pick one or two, so we […]

8 wedding trends for this season + rose style guides

There are so many wedding trends that it can be quite difficult to pick the one that suits you best. Not only for brides; florists need to pick their signature flowers for the season too. They have to come up with new stunning creations, innovative art and at the same time provide their customers with […]

Have you seen these two amazing bouquet styles?

We really need to share this with you. Simply because these creations are amazing! There are so many different bouquet styles, suitable for any occassion imaginable, but these two really popped out. The arrangements are truly unique and thanks to the bright colors they are perfect for this summer season. They are often created as […]

21 wonderful ideas for a beach wedding

Summer is on its way. And that can only mean one thing…beach weddings! Although the weather isn’t very promising yet, it’s time to start planning your special day, because the warm summer days are soon to come. Flowy dresses, bare feet, flowers, shells, arbors in the sand and cute little lights. With a beach wedding […]

35 inspiring ideas for a blush wedding

With all the wedding trends that come and go every year, there are only few trends we can call timeless. One of those is a blush themed wedding day. The options are endless and because of the romantic coloring, it will never be out of fashion. With blush colors you can create a fairytale-like ambience. […]

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