Will we see you at Fleuramour?

Close your eyes and imagine… You walk inside a castle and are drawn to a doorway by a lovely scent that gets stronger with each step. You enter the room. Fragrance envelops you — a complex, rose scent with hints of citrus and spice, raspberry and vanilla. A field of David Austin Wedding Roses — […]

The magnificent combination of barn weddings and roses

Ah, yes. Barn weddings are definitely one of my personal favorites. And with Autumn literally around the corner (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), it is time to remove our feet from the sand and put on boots and coats in search of warmer wedding venues. I’ve been told that it takes some serious skills […]

Wedding Wednesday trend: chandeliers with flowers

…and how to make one yourself! In this week’s Wedding Wednesday blog I wanted to share a couple of astounding chandelier designs with you. You can’t really have enough flowers, so why not go all out? These chandeliers with flowers are perfect for barn weddings, a wedding held in a marquee or even an outdoor wedding. […]

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