8 wedding trends for this season + rose style guides

There are so many wedding trends that it can be quite difficult to pick the one that suits you best. Not only for brides; florists need to pick their signature flowers for the season too. They have to come up with new stunning creations, innovative art and at the same time provide their customers with […]

Have you seen these two amazing bouquet styles?

We really need to share this with you. Simply because these creations are amazing! There are so many different bouquet styles, suitable for any occassion imaginable, but these two really popped out. The arrangements are truly unique and thanks to the bright colors they are perfect for this summer season. They are often created as […]

With just 2 weddings a week, this florist is booked till October 2017!

In a small town in rural southern Germany you find this amazing flower shop! I want to have a shop where you can find everything to tempt and seduce women Ramona Kohler from Time & Vision in Gerstetten in the middle of southern Germany is a one of a kind florist. Started in 2008 with […]

21 wonderful ideas for a beach wedding

Summer is on its way. And that can only mean one thing…beach weddings! Although the weather isn’t very promising yet, it’s time to start planning your special day, because the warm summer days are soon to come. Flowy dresses, bare feet, flowers, shells, arbors in the sand and cute little lights. With a beach wedding […]

Menno Kroon; after 17 years he still remains at the top

Menno Kroon was born in 1961 in Broek in Waterland, the Netherlands. The love for nature was present at a very young age. The growing process of nature still intrigues him, from seed to flower. After working for several florists he started his own business; a small workshop in a historical building in Driebergen-Zeist. His […]

35 inspiring ideas for a blush wedding

With all the wedding trends that come and go every year, there are only few trends we can call timeless. One of those is a blush themed wedding day. The options are endless and because of the romantic coloring, it will never be out of fashion. With blush colors you can create a fairytale-like ambience. […]

Sarah Dikker – Holland’s best flower stylist

Since 2014 Sarah Dikker can officially call herself ‘Holland’s Best Flower Stylist’. In the SBS6 program Holland’s Best Flower Stylist 15 professional flower stylists competed with each other to win the coveted title. ‘’A healthy competition on a top level! I’ve learned so much and I am very proud and honored to have won this […]

25 stunning wedding bouquets with roses for a perfect wedding

Whether your wedding style tends toward classic, trendy or bohemian, these wedding bouquets will bring perfection to a stunning bride. If only you could smell these gorgeous bouquets…which all contain the most sweetly scented roses in the world! Find ideas here and get inspired by these beautiful scented roses. A perfect combination of peach, pink […]

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