15 best floral Instagram accounts to follow

#Flower will get you nowhere on Instagram, because it’s probably one of the most widely used hashtags. Such a shame, because there are so many beautiful and inspiring floral Instagram accounts out there! So who do you absolutely need to follow in the floral industry? We know! That’s why we have listed 15 of the […]

Florist Friday: Bloemenmeisjes.com!

Today we got a sneak peek from the amazing work Natalia Korotina does with Bloemenmeisjes.com. The company consists of a strong team of six floral designers. In a very short amount of time they have build their reputation with feminine and natural bridal designs and have brought a fresh perspective to bouquet work with amazing […]

Have you ever been to this gem in the heart of Kiev?

We’re so thrilled, because today we’re having a sneak peek behind the scenes of probably one of the best floristry companies in eastern Europe: Fiori Company. With multiple boutiques full of the most wonderful flowers, vases and accessories they are trendsetters in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine. Lifestyle flowers, wedding arrangements and event design; is […]

20 ideas for the perfect bohemian wedding

A flower crown in your hair, a laced wedding dress, dancing around barefeet and a casual, loving atmosphere; all ingredients for a unforgettable bohemian wedding. Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits. In this context, Bohemians may be […]

Poetry with flowers – Thierry Boutemy

Thierry Boutemy is a Belgian floral artist. He studied at the ”ancient French school” and has a beautiful showroom in the center of Brussels. Nowadays, his works are sold all over the world. His life took a positive turn after his floral works for the film Marie Antoinette. After an encounter with Sofia Coppola in […]

5 secrets of the perfect bride’s bouquet

In this week’s Florist Friday blog we take you to a very special place all the way in Kiev, Ukraine. Fiori Flower Boutique is one of the five locations from Fiori Flower Company; a well-known florist with a hardworking team of professionals. Young and innovative, with an eye for detail. Florists, event designers, home designers […]

Where does Karl Lagerfeld buys his flowers?

A profusion of flowers A boutique decor, filled with natural lights where the flowers and bouquets endlessly reflect in huge mirrors, thus creating a true oasis of peace and refinement in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Welcome to Lachaume Fleurs, Paris. Lachaume Fleurs situated on prestigious Rue du Faubourg St-Honoré was […]

8 wedding trends for this season + rose style guides

There are so many wedding trends that it can be quite difficult to pick the one that suits you best. Not only for brides; florists need to pick their signature flowers for the season too. They have to come up with new stunning creations, innovative art and at the same time provide their customers with […]

Have you seen these two amazing bouquet styles?

We really need to share this with you. Simply because these creations are amazing! There are so many different bouquet styles, suitable for any occassion imaginable, but these two really popped out. The arrangements are truly unique and thanks to the bright colors they are perfect for this summer season. They are often created as […]

With just 2 weddings a week, this florist is booked till October 2017!

In a small town in rural southern Germany you find this amazing flower shop! I want to have a shop where you can find everything to tempt and seduce women Ramona Kohler from Time & Vision in Gerstetten in the middle of southern Germany is a one of a kind florist. Started in 2008 with […]

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